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Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson Releases Statement on Supreme Court Leak

Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson

Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson issued the following statement regarding the Supreme Court’s leaked majority opinion on Roe v. Wade:

“I have experienced the pain of abortion in my own life and know the pain it can cause families.  That is a huge reason why I fight so hard for the life of the unborn.  

The unprecedented leak from our nation’s highest court is an atrocity. The draft that was leaked  was not a final decision by the court, and it appears that it was released by a radical leftist to  influence the final decision of the court. This person must be found and prosecuted.  

My sincere prayer is that our Justices stay the course and continue their work without the fear of  public backlash.  

If this draft is truly reflective of the court, then this is indeed a major victory for the pro-life  movement. This opinion says that it would give control over abortion back to the states – where it  rightfully belongs.  

However, here in North Carolina it would be cause for work, not celebration. Currently in North  Carolina abortion is legal for any reason up to 20 weeks of pregnancy. This is unacceptable. That  is why I am calling on the General Assembly to act. If the Supreme Court hands the power back  to the states, it will be our duty to protect the life of the unborn.  

Please join me in prayer for our Supreme Court Justices, and our representatives in Raleigh to do what is right.”