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LETTERS / Why To Be Burdened Even More So With The Enormous Costs of a Totally Unnecessary Recreation Center?

Dear Editor,

A letter to the current BOC: Why, all of a sudden, does the overtaxed, county taxpayers have to be burdened even more so with the enormous costs of a totally unnecessary recreation center? I’ve asked this question of some of you officials on a few occasions recently, and so far, I have received no answers, let alone, a valid reason for the county to take on such a costly project. There is absolutely no excuse, no honest motive, for you to engage in such a needless project, except to satisfy, to continue, a very dubious and ugly agenda.

Do you commissioners ignore legitimate citizens’ inquiries ? Do you, after you’ve been in office a certain time period, no longer answer emails or questions from taxpayers and citizens ? Does someone else or a small group of influential people of both parties control you now and tell you commissioners how to vote and what course you will take ?

It has been obvious to many citizens, especially rural communities, that their commissioners’ priorities are almost exclusively towards town and ASU’s interests. And we rural taxpayers have to pay through the nose for powerful special interests. Again, commissioners, as I have told Mr. Kennedy and Mr. Welch, this project will not benefit rural people, is totally unnecessary, and will just continue to put this county in more debt.  The resulting huge debt from the recent Watauga High School fiasco should be an indicator of where this proposed recreation center project will go.

What is it about BOC members and other officials ? Can’t you control your urge to spend, spend, and tax, tax ? Does the power go to your heads ? When you look at the revenues, extorted from many hard pressed citizens, does it burn in your pockets to spend, spend, spend, especially for superfluous, extravagant projects ?

Again, it is very obvious that a bipartisan, powerful few control this county. And I am very angry and just bewildered as to why you officials do things that are certainly not in the best interests of the entire county citizenry, and you don’t care one iota about the continuing financial burdens you place on most, if not all, of your constituents.

Once again, the BOC and many county officials desperately need to have their budgets and powers trimmed considerably, before the people lose all control of this corrupt county bureaucracy.

And as for Jimmy Hodges and his pals, like David Blust, etc., I cannot write the words in this letter to describe what I feel towards these arrogant and disingenuous characters.

Disgusted and dismayed,

Karen Carter