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LETTERS / A Warped Board of Elections

Dear Editor,

The board of elections let down all local citizens at the meeting held on January 18, 2016.

First there was the partisan electoral gamesmanship which only serves to diminish our democracy. I firmly believe that the more people that are involved in the democratic process, especially voting, the better off we all will be – whether Republican, Democrat, or Independent. As has been covered very thoroughly elsewhere, it is quite clear that the only rational reason for not having an early voting site at ASU is to suppress the vote, yet once again the board voted 2-1 against establishing an early voting site at ASU.

Then there was the decision by chairman Aceto to hold the board’s vote on this important issue BEFORE hearing public comment from the many people that were signed up to speak in favor of an ASU early voting site. No one from the public who attended spoke against having a site there. When board member Stella Anderson made a motion to modify the agenda so public commentary could be heard before the vote, the motion died as new board member Nancy Owen failed to second the motion or even lift her gaze to make eye contact with those in attendance. What a slap in the face to those citizens present at the meeting and to the very concept of democracy.

Kudos to board member Stella Anderson for clearly and concisely laying out the facts that forcefully support an ASU early voting site.

David Finck