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LETTERS / Vote for Deborah Ross

Dear Readers of High Country Press:

The election gives us a chance to have a Senator from North Carolina who will act in the best interest of citizens: Deborah Ross.

Deborah Ross is committed to upholding the Constitution and advocating for a sustainable future for our country.  She earned a score of 94% from the North Carolina League of Conservation Voters during her work for our State government.  Richard Burr has proven himself a Senator whose greatest enthusiasm has been for obstruction, both in voting to shut down the government while our country was still reeling from the Recession and more recently refusing to do his Constitutional duty: advise and consent on the most recent Supreme Court nominee.

Here’s what I know about Richard Burr:  He voted to block Medicare from negotiating for lower drug prices; he has taken nearly $1½ million from drug companies. He’s taken over $700,000 in campaign cash from oil and energy companies and voted for billions in tax breaks for them; and he’s voted against clean energy jobs.

If you want more obstructionism in the Senate, keep Richard Burr.  If you want a Senator who will work to help us rebuild infrastructure and move toward a sustainable future, vote for Deborah Ross.


Janet Palmer, Boone