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LETTERS / To Ensure That There

Dear Editor

To reduce potential confusion I begin this essay with the admonition that no president has represented my interests since JFK. We haven’t had a free press since at least acting President Reagan and slick Willie. What we have are Propaganda Outlets. Political correctness increases: ‘our free press’ establishes ‘official truth’. You’re free as long as you stand where you’re told and say what’s expected.

On 1/6 the Dems found a political godsend enabling them to frame their ‘opposition’ as enemies of the state, damned to ideological purgatory. The Dems now conduct a war of annihilation. The hildabeest said, during an interview, Trump and his deplorables took their orders from Putin. Divide and conquer is the tactic of the rulers and successful as ever.

Consensus is the only way to solve conflict.

If you think the game ain’t rigged, you ain’t been paying attention. It follows the same pattern as every other convenient “crisis” used by government as an excuse to expand its powers, and remove freedoms, at your expense. If you dare to subscribe to any views contrary to the government’s you may be suspected of being a domestic terrorist and treated accordingly.

Biden signaled its “open season” on any opposition: The ‘opposition’ won’t sit still and be abused. They’ll respond so, anticipate consequences. Are you now or have you ever been a member of the Communist Party, was the question in 1950, but now it’s centered on the orange man.

Biden said “On this January day my whole soul is in this: Bringing America together, uniting our people, and uniting our nation. I ask every American to join me in this cause.” He itemized the target: Anger, resentment, hatred, extremism, violence and lawlessness.

The Biden gang speaks to the Not-Biden Rabble with a sense of conviction that they’re better people and more competent; the rabble are deluded simpletons, who need guidance from their intellectual, moral, and cultural superiors to re-direct their peasant yearnings for a better life into the approved Track.

On inauguration night, Antifa mobs rioted in Portland and Seattle. Similar mobs gave us a summer of rioting, looting and arson after George Floyd’s death. Democrats never condemned these mobs, but they did the activities of 1/6. Referring to the 2011 invasion of Wisconsin’s state capitol Nancy Pelosi praised it as an “impressive show of democracy in action”.

Police brutality certainly is America’s sin. To purge it, we have to kneel. To remove systemic racism while kneeling, white people have to apologize for their ‘privilege’. Slavery’s next; to free ourselves from that we have to destroy sculptures as white people judge themselves while kneeling and repenting of their ‘white privilege’. White supremacy is the latest fiction. I haven’t seen much of that since the seventies. Now it’s the new burning issue.

“De-fund the police” calls have become ‘fund the secret police’. ‘Domestic terror’ bills creating new DHS units to monitor ‘extremism’ are being advanced. During summer BLM riots were called acts of courage. They even declared an autonomous zone taking over government buildings, yet ‘our free press’ never used the words insurrection, sedition, or treason. AOC praised these ‘mostly peaceful protests’ and said the point is “to make people feel uncomfortable”.

If you feel uncomfortable that 25,000 troops were in the district of corruption, then we’re told you’re a conspiracy theorist. Remember, ignorance is strength, so you must obey the experts. When you accept the accusation, which it’s become, that someone’s a ‘conspiracy theorist’, you’re allowing another to do your thinking for you. Replace that term with: critical thinker.

The media says it’s their job to control what you believe. American’s in the ‘Land of the Free’ have had their free speech censored by most media, which features who and what they want while forbidding different views. Welcome to double standard America.

You can’t make someone be someone else. You might convince them with patience and evidence.

A majority believe journalists/reporters mislead by knowingly presenting false or exaggerated ‘news’; most ‘news’ organizations favor a political position more than informing citizens. Americans can see that the ‘news’ is the same no matter which channel you watch. The hypocrisy is thick. Party loyalists are a huge problem because they wear blinders. We expect the media to hold the powerful to account but it’s mostly image marketing.

After the Trump supporters, with much evidence they were directed by Antifa masquerading as trumpers, stormed the Capitol on 1/6, the media piled on. Their first move was to make it a story about race. The Trump extravaganza had nothing to do with race, but a confederate flag or two and suddenly it’s a KKK rally to hear the TV present it. Covid blowback, unrestricted immigration, wars of choice, election fraud, but we’re told it’s about race. Imagine the outcome/response if BLM had done 1/6? An unarmed Trump supporter at the Capitol was shot dead. If a black protester died by police in 2020’s incessant BLM riots, lootings and arsons, he’d already be on a postage stamp.

The TV tells us that immigrants from failing countries need free admission to the empire but neglect to remember/consider, the reason they’re running is because ‘our’ empire has continually destroyed their elected governments that don’t toe the empires line, creating mayhem in their countries.

Racism is an endless game of political correctness ignoring that, worldwide, there are differences others have trouble getting past, especially when you factor in the ‘crime’ of ‘micro aggression’ whatever that means. Disney is now, with a straight face, calling Peter Pan and Dumbo racist.

Who needs fiction writers these days when we have the Democratic Party? Our ministry of truth sells lies so well, many accept them. All the presstitutes said that “there’s no evidence of fraud,” and “all who support examining the evidence are enemies of democracy”.  In other words, democracy is a stolen election.  If you protest the theft, you oppose democracy. 

America is close to the monolithic control of information that Orwell predicted in 1984. Big Tech has banned debate about government policy on the coronavirus, and any discussion of election fraud is treated as a crime. One man’s misinformation is another’s truth: ignoring Israel’s crimes is an example of that, as is the recent ‘election’. The world clearly sees that the emperor is wearing no clothes.

‘Our free press’ was joyous at the arrival of slow Joe. You can sleep easy again: the party of peace, tolerance, and reconciliation has returned. They want to heal and unify the nation, but clearly the only way to do so is to create enemies lists and silence anyone with dissenting opinions.

Dick Costolo, the former CEO of Twitter, said, “Me-first capitalists … are going to be the first people lined up against the wall and shot in the revolution. I’ll happily provide video commentary.” Companies like Twitter are a big part of the efforts to unify the nation deleting 70,000 accounts using 1/6 as an excuse. The ‘completely fair and objective media’ says that simply acknowledging this tech purge makes you a ‘conspiracy theorist’.

Axios wrote: Right wing’s new conspiracy: “The silencing”. They said that only crazy ‘conspiracy theorists’ believe that there are efforts to silence their voices. In other words, don’t believe your lying eyes.

It’s illegal for businesses to discriminate due to people’s ancestral origin, but it’s legal to prohibit opinions. In the manner of “No Colored” signs on the door of businesses in the ’50s they have every right as privately owned businesses to do business with whomever they wish. The Left is defined by its psychotic doublethink. It’s intolerant while advertising itself as open-minded. It promotes discrimination in the name of combatting it.

What are they afraid of, and who have we become?

The first amendment says you shall make no laws restricting free speech. We’re told we must ensure harmful speech is regulated to guarantee broad participation in the public dialog that’s essential to our ‘democracy’. We’re told that the first amendment needs removal because right-wingers are speaking in unapproved ways. This open-ended condition can be interpreted however any ‘official’ feels necessary.

We’re told Twitter is big, so anti-vaccination/anti-war/pro-Russia/”Covid denial” views are going to cause ‘panic’ so we must “redefine” free speech; Offensive, misinformation, and hate speech will be ‘discovered’ often. Everything can be made to mean anything. The ministry of truth has arrived.

Sowell wrote: “If you have always believed that everyone should play by the same rules… that would have gotten you labeled a radical 50 years ago, a liberal 25 years ago, and a racist today.” ‘Our free press’ presents selected information designed to do your thinking for you.

‘Our’ political/media class have been pushing for more authority to solve their fear of “domestic terrorism”. New domestic terror policies were in the works before 1/6. Internet censorship is increasing normalized, and ‘digital armies’ are encouraged to report ‘suspects’ to the authorities, just like the Soviets. An incredibly large part of America seems to have no problem with any of this.  

Monopolistic Silicon Valley tycoons are censoring worldwide political speech, just like the TV ‘news’. There’s lots of narrative manipulation going on to keep it from being obvious.

The way to stem the tide of whatever concerns you is to eliminate conditions which created it.

Trump was successful by using the widespread awareness that there’s a swamp that needs draining: a corrupt political system unconcerned with your interests. Government often does evil things and lies about them assisted by ‘our free press’ leaving people to imagine what’s happening behind closed doors. People see that the system has failed them. Those interested in ending Trumpism/populism would act to end the corrupt political system, from top to bottom. These changes aren’t being promoted by ‘our’ political/media class because they speak for an empire that depends on these things.

Corruption enables ‘campaign donations’ and corporate lobbying/revolving doors, to advance the ruling interests; Government secrecy enables members to conspire (ops, conspiracy theory) to advance the empire’s agendas. The lying mass media manufacture your consent for wars in a system which doesn’t serve your interests.

You’re not going to change America’s existing fascist system by expanding an authoritarian monster: you need drastic actual change.

If you don’t comply with the ruling parties’ dogma and agenda, your ability to work, communicate, express your once-free-opinions will come to a halt. The Biden gang doesn’t seem to care that there are costs for persecuting Trump and 75 million Americans. It can’t be long until those consequences arrive, violently.

Criminalizing opposition to ‘our’ government is insanely dangerous. The globalist ruling classes have reminded us who is in charge, and how quickly they can remove the democratic and legal facade. The “War on Populism” is becoming the ‘War on Domestic Terror’, one part of the “Global War on Terror”. 

The treatment by the propagandists at CNN/ABC/NBC/CBS/Bloomberg/Fox, et al, of 1/6 proves that when they lie, mislead, quote biased ‘official’ sources, and reject as ‘conspiracy theory’ anything opposing their misrepresentations, they can fool half the country. I’m reading about arrests for ‘spreading misinformation’.

Craig Dudley