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LETTERS / Time for Term Limits, Transparency and Pulling the Team Together for Blowing Rock

Dear Editor, 

Issue #1 Term Limits: One of the biggest problems in politics today is the lack of fresh ideas and the constant influence of special interest groups. This is created by people staying in office too long.

Believe it or not, special interests are alive and well in Blowing Rock.

After being on the council for one week I was told that if I voted for a certain agenda item I would not be re-elected. Think about that… ONE WEEK… and I was being threatened about not being reelected. (There was the assumption that I had the need to be reelected.)

No elected official should feel they are indispensable and must stay on because they crave the power and influence of elected office.

If elected Mayor, I will be an advocate of self-imposed term limits for members of Council and the office of Mayor.

Issue #2 Transparency: If elected as Mayor I will make sure every household is informed of the monthly council agenda well in advance so if they are interested, they will have time to study the issues and attend the meeting. Transparency is so very important.

Issue #3 Pulling Everyone Together: When I spoke at the Candidate’s Forum last week, relaying the information that after two years the current Mayor had not made any effort to contact me, the audience was shocked.  In the real world, business or political, that is unacceptable. I don’t believe I am the only council member who has experienced this lack of communication.

The Council and the Town must pull together and I will provide the leadership to do just that. Under my leadership we will truly be non-partisan – working together for the citizens and the Town.

I am committed to all the people of Blowing Rock. Show your support and trust in me this Election Day.  I will work very hard to bring us all together as a team and put Blowing Rock on track to protect its past as well as taking on the challenges of the future.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is time to make a change!

 It is an honor to serve you, I would greatly appreciate your vote on Tuesday, November 5th.

Dan Phillips

Candidate for Mayor in Blowing Rock