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LETTERS / Thrilled by Support of Senator Burr and Representative Foxx for Pro-Life Issues

Dear Editor,  

January 25th was a great day: we have witnessed hundreds of thousands of Americans marching for Life in Washington, DC.  This was by far the greatest turnout of the forty March for Life events held there since 1973.  The March for Life is held yearly on the day that the Supreme Court legalized abortion with Roe v. Wade.

 Congratulations to Senator Richard Burr and Representative Virginia Foxx for their vocal support for this great event.  On 22 January Representative Foxx stated on the floor of the House of Representatives: “Life is the most fundamental of all rights.  It is sacred, and God-given…We hope the era of elective abortion, ushered in by an unelected court, will be closed and collectively deemed one of the darkest chapters in American history.”
I join the vast majority of North Carolinians in stating that we are most proud of Senator Burr and Representative Foxx.

God Bless them, and each of us!

Nate Di Cola