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LETTERS / ‘They’ Always Want To Take The Guns Away

Dear Editor,

After a shooting spree, “they” always want to take the guns away from the people who didn’t do it. When the power of defense is removed from the people, someone, somewhere, will work to abuse their weakness. 

 What conclusion could be made from the mass school knifings in China on the same day as the Sandy Hook killings? A knife-wielding man slashed 22 children and an adult at an elementary school in China, the latest in a series of attacks on schoolchildren there. Mainstreammedia ignore the motivation of crazed assailants while focusing on gun control.

 The guns in Connecticut were stolen from someone, who possessed them legally, who the shooter murdered. This isn’t “easy access to guns”. What makes anyone think criminals would obey gun laws more than any other laws?  They don’t and they won’t.  That’s why they’re called criminals.

 Gun free zone signs don’t stop psychopathic killers. What stops them is return fire.

 Imagine a nationwide gun turn-in mandate, armed raids on homes of farmers and ranchers, Obama declaring anyone with a gun to be a “terrorist”.  This is where political language leads us each time they set off to cure craziness. We see the imaginary ritual of making sure mass murder never happens again. How?

 The Swiss, who all have guns at home as part of their national military policies, have no massacres. They also have national health care including for the mentally unstable.

 Why are sexual adventures of politicians judged harshly and their deceitful war-making accepted? Our wars fail to achieve military goals and are justified by lies. None are held responsible for dead millions and many more wounded, including children, billions of misspent funds and resulting widespread poverty.

 Why do Americans ask for reasons after a person goes berserk, and beg for gun control yet say nothing, and approve of more money for “our government” to go berserk with our foreign policies?

 Secretary of state Albright said it was worth it when questioned about the deaths of a half million Iraqi children resulting from our embargo. Do you grieve for the many more Iraqi children dead or born with horrible birth defects resulting from use of depleted uranium weapons by America? American use of chemical weapons in Vietnam has left them an equally horrible legacy of birth defects and death.

 Some are horrified at the deaths of 20 children in Connecticut while cheering “our leaders” who order predator drone strikes resulting in the deaths of children everyday. 

 General Wesley Clark revealed in a speech in 2007 that a “foreign policy coup” had taken place right after 9/11 in which a group of Neocons consisting mostly of Project for the New American Century members had taken over American foreign policy. General Clark’s source, a general at the Pentagon, leaked a classified Neocon plan to Clark that called for destabilizing the Middle East, taking over the governments of Iraq, Iran, Syria, Libya, Lebanon, Sudan and Somalia; Enemies of Israel.

 Clark goes on to say that Syria and Iran know about the plan; More dead children at our hand. General Clark’s speech


 Baby Bush ordered the invasion of Iraq based on lies. The day after Shock and Awe, I remember seeing dead children being stacked like cord wood.  Hundreds of thousands of These children from our genocide called the Iraq War.

 “Our” foreign policy supports apartheid Israel in their crimes. Israel has repeatedly attacked their neighbors killing many children. A recent BBC poll shows Israel’s reputation in the world is equal to North Korea’s. Why do we only react when it’s our children being murdered and neglect the ones we have a hand in elsewhere?

We constantly hear about “the gun show loophole”; it’s a myth as FFL dealers always must follow the background check law. The media follows the official story creating illusions making true awareness impossible. Their aim is promoting a worshipful attitude towards “our government” as the people’s savior. Americans are herd animals who mindlessly accept the official story.

 Our culture treats citizens as though we’re all still small, and dumb enough, to put beans up our noses. Widespread stupidity causes our backward-looking leaders to conclude that outlawing beans must be the answer. Fifty years ago teenage boys brought their guns to my school so they could go hunting to supply food after school. None of them killed anything else then.

 During prohibition “our government” made liquor illegal, which was available everywhere. Today we have drug prohibition, and drug syndicates are making billions. You think it will be different with guns. England banned gun, criminals have guns, and crime expanded.

 Nobody blames cars for drunk driving. I’ve never heard of a mass shooting at a gun show.

 Do you believe that, unarmed, you could defend you and yours against a criminal? I am the first responder, to a bump in the night because my other alternative is to be the first victim.


 Craig Dudley