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LETTERS / There Must be a Better Protocol to Protect the Public from Vicious Dogs

Dear Editor,

That’s outrageous! A Boone woman goes out for her daily walk and is attacked by a neighbor’s dog. This is the second attack in about ten years. The last time this good natured 70 year old was bitten her skin was only deeply scratched so she didn’t complain. This time the puncture wound didn’t stop bleeding for several days and much of her leg is still black and blue after a week. Although the local animal control folks were notified they said there was nothing they could do except observe  the dog unless he bites someone again. A call to the police got a reply that responsibility falls back to the animal control folks.

So what is this person and her neighbors supposed to do:  Wait until she or one of her neighbor’s children gets attacked? Surely there must be a better protocol to protect the public from vicious dogs – and owners who don’t adequately train or fence in their pets.
Allen Hyde