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LETTERS / The Western World Rarely Acts in Any Ethical Way

Dear Editor,

BroncoBama told the UN that America isn’t an empire and doesn’t act as one. Nobama said America is simply the dominant power that brings order to the world to prevent “a vacuum of leadership.” American foreign policy operates on the idea that “defiance can’t be tolerated”. Those who “defy” America’s Empire must be “punished,” in case others openly defy the Empire. If a smaller nation successfully defies the Empire, anyone could, and would. This is how the Mafia punishes those who disobey sending a message to everyone. Other major states are lesser crime bosses working with the boss providing mutual support so all gangs can thrive in their criminal activities.

After the Cuban revolution overthrew America’s dictator in 1959 the Empire began a secret war against them. Cuba had provided an image of revolutionary success and defiance of the Empire. Success could encourage others to defy the Empire so Cuba had to be made an example of. Cuba didn’t become ‘Communist’ until after the Empire opposed their revolution.

Eisenhower embargoed Cuba saying it “would have a serious effect on the Cuban people,” denying them medical equipment and food. His stated objective was “to establish conditions showing the Cuban people the cost of Castro’s policies,” and if Cubans were hungry, “they will throw Castro out.”

Embargos are intended to punish civilians damaging support for those that disobey. The suffering of citizens is justified because of conflict between the “democratic” West and totalitarian “threats” upholding “values” and supporting “freedom”.

Those who believe American “leaders” speaking of ‘democracy’, ‘liberty’, the ‘rule of law’, and ‘humanitarian’ ideas, are delusional. The Western world rarely acts in any ethical way. The Empire doesn’t communicate honestly about the world, or our role in it.

Waging war in the name of ‘peace’ undermines any idea of peace. Supporting coups in the name of democracy isn’t democracy, but this is what the Empire does. In Vietnam Americans said; we’re burning villages to save them.

Reagan and Kissinger created terrorist wars in Central America, ruining the region for decades. Kissinger said; “If we cannot manage Central America it will be impossible to convince nations in the Persian Gulf and other places that we know how to manage the global equilibrium.”

Kissinger said America continues to intervene across the World, because if the Empire doesn’t crush rebellions or control ‘internal conflicts’, then its puppets will lose faith in the Empire’s ability to support their dictatorships when they encounter trouble. In 1991 Bush, the first, leaked documents, which essentially said, the weaker the “enemy,” the more “decisive and rapid” must be their defeat, to avoid “embarrassing” the Empire and its reputation.

The Cold War was a symbolic battle between opposing imperial interests. The audience for the ‘Cold War’ wasn’t Russia as much as populations worldwide looking for freedom. You can’t claim to defend grand ‘free democratic’ ‘values’ while repressing popular uprisings, and maintaining imperial domination, so the Empire told you it was fighting enemies. When the domestic population fears Russians or ‘terrorists’, “our government” can justify and carry out all sorts of atrocities in the name of fighting “communism”, or “terrorism.”

When the Cold War collapsed, Bush released the Empire’s National Security Strategy saying historical claims that meddling in the world was a struggle with communism “were in response to threats to American interests that couldn’t be laid at the Kremlin’s door”. “American strategic concerns remain” and “the necessity to defend our interests will continue.” American strategy was to oppose “radical and nationalistic regimes” that defy the Empire and continue controlling important resources and regions, such as oil sources.

During the Cold War, the five major powers used many military interventions; the Empire leads with 74, Britain follows with 38, France with 35, Russia with 25, and China with 21; military interventions after the Cold War scored the Empire leading at 35, followed by France with 31, Britain with 13, and Russia with 10, and China with 1 

If you don’t understand that our Empire’s ruling “party” shares the same philosophy of globalism, then you won’t understand why “our government” does what it does. Public political battles are theater aimed towards centralizing power. Both “parties” may act as if they’re separate, or seem to disagree at times, but both pursue the same international corporate goals, which ain’t for you. What you see and hear isn’t what it appears.

We’re told that communists and socialists are extreme left, and Nazis and Fascists are extreme right. We’re told they’re opposites. There’s little difference. Communists pursue international socialism. Nazis promote National Socialism. There’s only one way to measure political scale; Anarchists to totalitarians. That definition places communism and Nazism together at the same end; they’re both totalitarian. Right, left; all fall toward bigger government, because that’s the logical extension of their ideology, all problems wait for state solutions. The more problems, the more powerful the state becomes and there’s no stopping until you reach total government.

Most actions “our government” and central bank have taken since JFK was murdered battered America’s economy. If this was “stupidity” or “greed,” in action, you’d think our “leaders” would have made some good decisions but they’re skilled at choosing poorly. Collapses on the scale we’re witnessing are rarely accidents.

Anyone who doesn’t believe the crap “our government” sells them every day will be labeled a danger to society. I was just following orders wasn’t an accepted defense at Nuremberg.

Old people need to keep working because, if we spend what we took from you while you were working, to take care of you now, then we won’t have money for war on Israel’s enemies. Government is choosing, prioritizing, and smelly old people aren’t useful.

“Our Government” just cut Food Stamps by $5 Billion and gave Israel $4 Billion.

 Craig Dudley