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LETTERS / The Rec Center New Figures $$

Dear Editor,

As to this recreation center’s new cost figure of $38 M +, in this spendthrift, special interests, ASU-controlled County government, what would one expect ?  There is no doubt the costs will increase further. 
This is just another tragic example, history is full of them, of an unrestrained mobocracy – a system of powerful minorities.  Some riot in the streets, looting, burning businesses, endangering lives, costing millions and billions in destruction in their ugly attempts to get something for nothing. Then there are others, whether as individuals or groups, who twist the arms, in many cases, literally, threaten weak and spendthrift officials who don’t have the guts or the balls to say “NO!”. 
Mr. Scott St. Clair, yes, this is indeed a bipartisan, unanimous decision by a gutless, cowardly BOC, who gives your self righteous, arrogant, know-it-all group whatever they want after your  application of continuous political pressure. Your group is composed of rather wealthy and successful individuals. Why didn’t you and your colleagues raise the money and build this facility yourselves ? I am sure your group is talented and resourceful enough, but, no, you want to force the entire county, most of modest means, to cough up extra taxes for an unnecessary, very costly facility that will only benefit some. This facility will continue to burden the taxpayers yearly in operating, insurance/s, and maintenance costs, which does not include the increasing flooding threat.  And some officials have the gall to claim this is ‘good stewardship of the people’s money’.  Incredible ! 
As to who will benefit, it is obvious the increasing hordes of ASU, the Town of Boone, and the urban/suburban groups will be the beneficiaries of these privileges.  And of course, there are the promised scheduled events. There are not nearly enough minutes, hours, days, months in the year to accommodate ALL, or even most, that the county officials and St. Clair claim this facility will benefit. Also, the access for the rural communities is just not feasible; it’s laughable, let alone, the fees required for the usage. Most rural citizens are just not interested, and many cannot afford such a luxury, period, because many are struggling with the increasing taxes to pay for this superfluous project, along with the burden of paying for other facilities that they do not use or they did not vote on.
Local officials of both parties continue to squeeze more and more taxes from the stressed property owners within this county. They will do anything to run more people of many generations out of this county, because their properties, what little they may have, are unfair game for the greedy, vulture realtors and their pals, the realty lawyers. In recent decades, those in the realty game have had overwhelming influence and presence in the local public realm, which has, of course, resulted in increasing taxes and restrictive ordinances. Officials adhere to pushy special interest groups and individuals, who are primarily not from this area. You listen to flattering, deceitful people with supposed professional credentials who present information and figures, and then later, these figures increase – they always increase.  And like an indulgent, weak parent, you officials give in, regardless of the costs or the injustices.  To the few remaining officials of local origin, I am ashamed of you, especially those who call yourselves ‘conservatives‘.      
These disingenuous, spendthrift, reckless county officials, elected and appointed, will do anything to please powerful special interests at the expense of everyone else. Again, when it comes to public funding, most, if not all, officials believe the sky’s the limit. And of course, they make sure their compensation, their salaries, are generously increased in the process. 
 We, the taxpayers, especially of the rural areas, are paying these officials increasingly to stab us in the back and betray our interests.  
Karen Carter