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LETTERS / The Question is Whose Conspiracy?

Dear Editor,

The vast majority of polls I’ve seen indicate ‘consumers’ have no trust in the media or the government. Some statistics put that level of trust somewhere around ten percent. It’s easy to know why that is: experience. Those entities have repeatedly proven themselves to be liars or fools. The thing that amazes me is why, when they have no trust in those bodies, they still act and speak as though what ‘official sources’ tell them is true: they show no evidence of questioning the things the TV and schools present.

9/11 was a result of a conspiracy, whether you believe the ‘official story’ or have joined the large number of American’s who see more holes in that official explanation than would be found in a cheese grater. The question is whose conspiracy? Those who only believe what the TV tells them would take an obvious stand on that, but in either case conspiracy was involved: two or more people join in an effort to do something. When do conspiracies become theories, and who is in charge of labeling said conspiracies: Apparently its explanations that oppose ‘official’ descriptions that become theories. This is especially odious when faced with official explanations that aren’t in any way, credible.

In 1962, a top secret military plan called Operation Northwoods was proposed by America’s Joint Chiefs of Staff. The details of the plan were released to the public 35 years later in 1997 by the John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Review Board. I don’t believe many people have heard of ‘Northwoods’ because the Review Board release was censored by major news corporations as they do with items in opposition to ‘official truth’. One example: your nightly ‘news’ is filled with stories about Hong Kong demonstrations but they never speak about the yellow vest protests in France. Northwoods was kept secret for so long because it revealed how top military leaders were planning to murder innocent civilians, including American citizens, in order to openly attack Cuba.

Operation Northwoods would have, if it was implemented, had the American military and CIA conduct undercover false flag terrorist attacks on American ships and planes in Cuban waters and surrounding airspace. These attacks would be blamed on Cuba with the help of ‘our free press’. It’s obvious that some, perhaps many, American lives would have been sacrificed in these attacks. The ‘attacks’ would then be used to gather international support for a war on Cuba. It would have been a variation of the Reichstag fire.

The plan was submitted by the Joint Chiefs of Staff headed by General Lyman Lemnitzer. President Kennedy wasn’t willing to approve a plan that involved deception and murder of American citizens. He removed General Lemnitzer as head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and also fired CIA Director Allen Dulles, and other CIA officials.

The following year JFK was assassinated. The generals never got their war with Cuba, but with war-friendly LBJ in power, they were able to convince ‘our free press’ that the American destroyer Maddox had been attacked by North Vietnamese torpedo boats on Aug 4, 1964. The attacks never happened but this didn’t prevent LBJ from using the Gulf of Tonkin hoax as an excuse to escalate the Vietnam War which then lasted many more years, with 58,000 dead American soldiers, and so many more wounded and permanently disabled the result. If you doubt that the gulf of Tonkin ‘attack’ was fiction watch the movie: fog of war, in which secretary of defense at the time, McNamara admits that it never happened, and he expresses sorrow at the results of it all.

Who benefited from the war? Huge fortunes were made by weapons manufacturers, war equipment suppliers and war service corporations. Big banks profited enormously while financing the war. The long war vastly expanded American military bases worldwide. Military leaders were rewarded with quick wartime promotions as was one relative who flew an AC130 out of Thailand.

You and I paid for that war, and many since. Operation Northwoods can be found online at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Northwoods

Public paranoia brought on by the 9/11 attacks provided military and political leaders the excuses to create wars against Afghanistan and Iraq even though no convincing proof of who planned and executed the attacks was ever publicly revealed. Osama bin Laden was never on the FBI’s top ten most wanted list for 9/11 though he was for embassy bombings in Africa. Bin-Laden repeatedly denied his involvement in videos. Terrorists never fail to claim credit for their actions.

The government provided no concrete proof that would stand up in a court of law. The 911 Commission was hand-picked by the Bush administration. The Bush Administration specified that the Commission’s primary goal wasn’t to prove who was to blame but instead to determine what steps needed to be taken to avoid future attacks, which it didn’t. Many think the 911 Commission was a whitewash patterned after the Warren Commission which was also a whitewash. If you doubt that watch the Zapruder film clip, while keeping in mind the identifiable bullet came from the front while Oswald was behind JFK at that point. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zapruder_film

There are edited versions of this film but the one that hasn’t been clearly shows, for anyone with a basic understanding of how things work, that the bullet came from in front of JFK. It’s a curious thing that somehow the Warren commission still said that it came from behind. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lj43Lo8E1zQ


We’re given stories on the ‘news’ that we’re expected to accept as reality. There’re many important questions that the 911 Commission ignored or refused to answer. How many more years will pass before the truth about what happened on that day is widely known, or about other such operations we don’t know about now?

NORAD successfully intercepted 67 planes throughout the twelve months before 911 in less than twenty minutes, each time. Intercept tactics are triggered at the slightest alarm, as part of precautionary measures. Even if we assume that NORAD couldn’t have intercepted Flights AA11 and UA175, with an hours’ notice, before they crashed into the Twin Towers, it’s incomprehensible that it couldn’t intercept Flight AA77, which allegedly crashed 50 minutes later into the Pentagon. Something or somebody must have deliberately prevented normal procedure. This was the only day before, or since, when this failure occurred. In such affairs there are no coincidences.

There have been other conspiracies you don’t know about such as one featured in a book titled: The plot to seize the White House. In 1933 the DuPont’s and other wealthy and right wing powers planned a coup against FDR. They didn’t like anything Roosevelt was doing and intended to stop him. Our richest had developed a sense of entitlement. A group of wealthy businessmen that included the heads of Chase Bank, GM, Goodyear, Standard Oil, the DuPont family and Senator Prescott Bush, father of one President and grandfather of another one; Their representative tried to recruit Marine Corps Major General Smedley Butler to lead a military coup against FDR and install a fascist dictatorship. The congress had one day of hearing on this with Butler testifying, and then no more was said.

The response of many to this will be: ‘outrageous conspiracy theory’ as if conspiracies never occur as we watch ‘our free press’ cover an impeachment inquiry that seems to be centered around conspiracies with some being fiction and others being ignored. You can also access conspiracy theory on an entry level if you read Machiavelli who wrote the book on it centuries ago.

Paul Simon sang: still a man believes what he wants and disregards the rest.


Craig Dudley