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LETTERS / The Old High School Property Proposal

Dear Editor,
A letter I sent to BOC Chair Miller and Vice-chair Blust:
Mr. Miller:
I read the High Country Press article regarding the Templeton plans for the old high school property.
I also read your comments about this proposed project. You are quoted as saying that you hope “… to get this done for the citizens of the county and the town.”
Pardon me, Chairman Miller, but for whom ?
The article, in fairly good detail, specifies plans “…for the property includes both commercial uses and student housing units….”
People who read this article will automatically understand what is being planned. ‘Same ole, same ole, as we expected. Student housing and, in close proximity, businesses that will hire these students–on a part-time basis and, of course, for less.
Again, Mr. Chairman, you and your bipartisan BOC colleagues—for whom ?
This seemingly grand project will offer absolutely nothing for year round, longtime, and rural citizens.
Again, you and the town are slavishly subservient to ASU and its increasing monopoly on this county and town–and of course, with the Boone Area Chamber of Commerce’s blessing. You continue to think only of ASU, and second, the town. The remainder of the county you ignore; it does not exist to you, unless, of course, you want our votes—and our property taxes.
You are continuing to contribute to the overall economic hardship of the working class in this county. ‘Not to mention, of course, the jobs taken by illegal aliens. You and your BOC colleagues, and other willing public officials, are totally insensitive to the fact that with college students taking most of the jobs, you are driving down wages in this county, which make conditions increasingly difficult for year round citizens, and also, young people who are not enrolled at ASU, to make a decent living, let alone, plan for a family.
So, Mr. Chairman, tell the blunt truth. In this proposed project, just who will really benefit?
Madeline K. Carter
Bethel Community