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LETTERS / The New Fear Replaces The Old Fear

Dear Editor,

Big Brother can’t stand up to honest, intelligent examination. For him to exist, “consumers” must remain divided, intimidated, confused, and passive. “Our government” spends trillions, says it knows everything, claims it can exterminate any foe, yet when some guys appear in Syria driving trucks with rocket launchers, we’re told it’s an imminent threat to you, here in America.

The last century taught us that the most expensive and over-equipped military on the planet can’t win a war. If the Empire won, the flock might stop being afraid. When the plate is passed, there’d be fewer “offerings”. “Our National security state” keeps us safe because the rest of the world hates us for our freedom: Our monitored-by-government, around-the-clock, taxed and regulated freedom.

Using quotes like “our government” provide a flag for items deserving questions: an intellectual buffet via your imagination. Clearly, “our government” isn’t and other items identified with quotes, deserve analysis beyond the usual routine response. If you believe what’s presented on the “news” or public school “history”, its past time you began to question those lies and half truths.

Adlai Stevenson was the Democratic Party candidate for president who twice ran against Eisenhower. He was known for logical humorous speeches. During one speech, a woman in the crowd called out “Senator, you have the vote of every thinking person.” Stevenson smiled and replied, “That’s not enough, madam: we need a majority”.

Each “party” misrepresents and mocks the “opposition” during fear/libel season. Attack ads replace debates, discussion of issues, and “consumers” concerns. Each team lies to infuriate “consumers” about the other’s candidate. Politicians wishing to appear bold often ride a popular wave ignoring the rights of their targets, using fear for their political gain. Successful politicians aren’t smarter than you but discover how to obtain power and are as ineffective or corrupt as anyone

It’s about fear, which is how empires prosper. “Consumers” are sold reasons to be afraid, which motivates them to applaud government crimes. “Consumers” are afraid of those who don’t follow popular culture’s standards of thought, speech and actions.

Americans are afraid of terrorists, convinced they’re coming to drag them to some desert, and behead them. This is life in the Empire based on meddling in the political and economic affairs of the world, with hundreds of military bases in foreign countries supporting and creating foreign dictatorships, invasions, torture, occupations, and kidnappings.

Once you recognize that chaos, crisis, and war are a natural part of imperial life you don’t get so upset over the latest “emergency”. You think here’s another “enemy” who is the gravest threat to “national security” in the history of the Empire, since the last one, created by the Empire’s actions.

The FBI and the CIA broke laws to discover “subversives” within American society: suspected communists, infiltrating America intending to turn the country Red. That’s what the secret FBI campaign against Martin Luther King was about and why the CIA secretly operated against the opponents of the Vietnam War. These weren’t isolated cases. It happens regularly. We have no law, if the “defender” becomes the offender.

The Iraq invasions weren’t “mistakes”. They were calculated decisions based on lies, using fear, by those making the invasion decision. We’re told Russian weapons sales fuel worldwide unease but neglect to consider that the Empire sells and uses, considerably more.

The Empire’s national-security state officials named Saddam Hussein, official boogeyman; Hitler reincarnated, intending to conquer the world creating mushroom clouds with his WMDs. Before he became a new official enemy Saddam had been the Empire’s partner and got those scary WMDs from them, when he was their friend, which was soon forgotten.

9/11 was useful for invading Iraq because “consumers” were nervous about WMD attacks that the Empire’s officials warned were coming. Osama bin Laden/al-Qaeda, were sold as a greater threat to the Empire than any previous frightening threats. 9/11 confirmed that the terrorists were coming to get us and take over “our government”. Today, it’s ISIS, waging war in Syria and Iraq. ISIS is a result of American intervention in several countries. We’ve supplied, and trained them. The new enemy that “consumers” must fear, ISIS, might have Saddam’s WMDs secretly hidden somewhere.

Empire is all about constant, perpetual fear. The big winner in this perpetual crisis and war is the military/industrial complex that President Eisenhower warned us about. Obama announced this war against ISIS will last three years, assuring “defense” contractors a continuous flow of your dollars into their pockets. You might imagine a new official enemy appearing somewhere soon thereafter, justifying a perpetual flow of money into the military/industrial beast. You’ve seen it happen.

You’ve noticed perpetual crisis, and fear saturates the war on drugs and our other various wars. There’s a solution: Dismantle the Empire’s military empire, national-security state apparatus and leave everyone unmolested.

Americans collapse with fear over “tyrants” across the world, but ignore the tyrants operating at home. They stay glued to the TV telling them that Russia wants to invade everywhere, Assad kills his own people, and ISIS will kill them here if they don’t support “our” continuing wars and “our” growing police state at home.

America is already occupied, by uniformed assassins enforcing “order” but doesn’t recognize that they’re slaves to the world oligarchy. No nation need invade America to enslave the “consumer”. We’ve done that well enough on our own.

Government surveillance, militarized police, SWAT team raids, asset forfeiture, eminent domain, armed surveillance drones, whole body scanners, stop and frisk searches, and the like, created by our fictional three part government, enabled by your fear and ignorance. The Bill of Rights has become a eulogy to freedoms lost more than a verification of rights we still possess.

The forces of magnificent light, lead by America, pure of heart, in shining armor opposed by the forces of Darkness, lead by Russian hordes crawling out of the Asian steppes like Lovecraft’s demon. The new fear replaces the old fear: it’s the fifties all over again without the prosperity or Ike.

Craig Dudley