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LETTERS / The Alienation Between “Our Government” and “Consumers” Is Growing

Dear Editor,

“But I don’t want to go among mad people,” said Alice. “Oh, you can’t help that,” said the cat. “We’re all mad here.” Lewis Carroll

Quint David wants you to believe the official stories because free thinking is “controversial”. Those who persist in pursuing truth or alternative explanations are attacked by those who aren’t served by truth. Whistleblowers, once protected by law, are now traitors.

How many “consumers” know that the current regime in Ukraine was installed in a bloody February 2014 coup, planned in the Empire, directed by Assistant Secretary of State Nuland, run by the CIA, and carried out for the Empire by one of Ukraine’s Nazi, political parties. Ukraine’s Nazi party has been working to exterminate Russians of Ukraine that voted 90% for the man whom Obama and those Nazis removed.

Do you know that one of the two suspects in the destruction of the Malaysian MH17 airliner over Ukraine, the current Ukrainian government, has been given veto-power over the report from the official “investigation” of the black boxes and other evidence in the case?

This solidly documented information has been intentionally withheld, from “consumers”, by America’s “news”.

Do you assume truth was controlled more firmly by the Soviets or Nazi’s, than in today’s America? Recognize how far from democracy today’s America has traveled.

It’s not possible for democracy to exist without informed consent from citizens about what Government does, and intends to do. How can government represent informed consent, if the ‘news’ media and schools are constantly, systematically, lying about the most important things, and covering up government’s heinous crimes yet, this is what Americans have today. America isn’t a model for anything but dictatorship.

Intentional “suspension of disbelief” is essential to enjoy fiction and it’s what the media adopted in place of skepticism, especially toward those in government. That’s what happened with Obamacare. If you’re going to name something the “Affordable Care Act” you might want it be affordable. “Our free press” obviously suspended disbelief about claims made by Obama, and supporters of the “Affordable Care” Act before millions lost the insurance coverage they liked. Economist Jonathan Gruber recently said deception was part of the plan all along; you might ask, what happened to our watchdog press?

Powerful men directly impact how you make and spend your money, its value, what you buy, where you live, what you drink, what you eat, what you drive, the cost of energy and how you heat your home. It’s all to do with the international movement of money, the balance of trade, energy, environment and wars. You’re manipulated for their benefit. All this happens in secret because, as Professor Gruber said about passing Obamacare, “it is easier to govern when the people are stupid, uninformed and kept in the dark”.

“Consumers” that advertize their freedom under a fantasy constitution, are a pawn to these decisions by the world’s elite and can only adjust as cattle do in a herd.

How much coverage by “our free press” have you seen of America force feeding hunger strikers at Guantanamo who are indefinitely detained without charges? Guantanamo’s commander argued that disclosure of videos of the force feedings would tip captives to techniques used by its tackle-and-shackle squad of soldiers. This is incredible as the captives experience what’s seen in the videos. It’s to continue your ignorance. Coverage of the Empire’s torturing prisoners is sporadic. We imagined Americans would never torture, though we knew better.

When Putin blocked America’s planned invasions of Syria, Iran, and helped Snowden, Washington decided that something had to be done about Russia so $5 billion dollars assisted Ukrainian NGOs overthrow the elected Ukrainian government and install American puppets. “Our government” doesn’t permit the existence of sovereign countries strong enough to resist the Empire. America knew Saddam Hussein had no WMD or al Qaeda connections. America knew Assad hadn’t used chemical weapons. America knew that Gaddafi was being set up. Washington knows that Iran has no nuclear weapons. What’s important to Washington isn’t truth but total control.

America’s economy makes up more than 50% of the war, security and related industries on the planet, therefore our wars. The Empire has a GDP based mostly on destruction.

The alienation between “our government” and “consumers” is growing. How much more would you need to consider America a dictatorship?

Many remember lies about stolen incubators tricking us into the first Iraq invasion, lies about Saddam’s WMD taking us into the second Iraq invasion and recently intended to take us into war with Syria using poison gas lies. We remember there weren’t torpedoes in the Gulf of Tonkin or Spanish mines in Havana Harbor, but there really were weapons on the Lusitania. We remember the lies, used to trick us into wars of conquest, to send our neighbors to die in wars created out of thin air by and for the money-junkies. We need a rule in America; those who want war are the first to the front. You’re all brave with the lives of others. Let’s see the true measure of your courage and commitment to war.

Like all parasites, government’s first instinct is of preserving its life. It’s second, towards increasing its power, and so regularly, commits any crime which circumstances require. “Our government” is ruining you to preserve itself, and extend its authority. Whatever power you give government to do FOR you allow the equivalent power to do things TO you.

Whoever controls the media controls the mind. “Our free press” is owned by the same minority which controls banks and government.

People are victims until they know the truth, but when they learn the truth and remain victims they become volunteers. Is “your government” torturing something you can be proud of? What’s the difference between their propaganda and “our” official press release?

What helps you overcome the emptiness of knowing you do nothing about this or do you believe the lies? You remain silent accepting it all, but one day you’ll learn what the Germans discovered in 1945.

Craig Dudley