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LETTERS / Thank You to the High Country Caregiver Organization

Dear Editor,

I would like to express my heartfelt love and appreciation to all of the caring, community- minded and generous High Country Caregiver board members that I had the honor and privilege of working with over the past 15 years.

I know that for each of you, it was an “add on” to the many other things that you did, including your job, your family, other volunteer opportunities and your social life.  I appreciate that you were willing to serve without compensation and I will always value and appreciate your time, talents, personal donations and your input.

Thank you for knowing that for me, next to my family, my job as Executive Director of HCCF was my life, my passion and a position I spent my entire career to reach.  It was the culmination of my education, previous leadership positions, a variety of training programs, and ample time spent in the trenches.  It was my privilege and my honor; And amongst my biggest accomplishments.

Thank you for knowing that on any given day, I was juggling a multitude of things – programs, donors, staff, facility issues, other Board members, possibly legal issues, client problems, and whatever was going on in my personal life. I know you were thoughtful about the ideas and recommendations you suggested.

Thank you for taking my calls, talking me off ledges and helping me brainstorm solutions.  Thank you for taking the time to govern our organization appropriately.

Thank you for bringing your passion, intellect, insight, experience and resources to the table. Thank you for challenging me, your fellow Board members and our community. I needed you, and I appreciate that you used all of your experience, skills, knowledge and education to move High Country Caregivers forward.

Thank you for teaching me, for counseling me, and for holding me accountable.  Thank you for letting me learn from my mistakes and creating a safe space for me to improve.  Thank you for giving me the tools to serve our clients, lead our organization and impact change in our community.

A special thank you to a few special board members – and you know who you are and in case you don’t I will send you this post- who individually and collectively impacted my life in ways I cannot express; I will always be grateful.  To each of you and the dozens of Board members with whom I have had the privilege to serve, thank you; thank you for your service, your loyalty, your leadership and your guidance.

I am so proud of HCC and all of its accomplishments. I am excited to see what lies ahead as HCG’s new Director, Jacob Willis, under the leadership of our motivated Executive Board, continues to strive to meet the needs of family and kinship caregivers in the High Country.

With love, gratitude and respect to each of you,

Brenda Reece