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LETTERS / Concerned Citizens Support Appalachian Ski Mountain’s Request for New Welcome Center

Dear Editor,

The Blowing Rock Town Council spends a lot of time and works hard, as we all know, to ensure that the charm and character of our beloved village of Blowing Rock is maintained even as the world around us seemingly rapidly changes. We are all aware that they have to evaluate, individually, virtually all that comes before them and, in that vein, we would like them to know that — as longtime residents of Blowing Rock, the following committee supporters are 100% behind Appalachian Ski Mountain’s request for approval to construct both a new Welcome Center as well as the accompanying appropriate signage to be located on the corner of 321 and Edmisten Road.

As a final personal note I would like to share that I spent this past Saturday, a beautiful day to be sure, at Appalachian Ski Mountain with several members of the Moretz family and when I returned home several hours later — I continued to be energized by all that I had seen; i.e., literally thousands of skiers — faces filled with enthusiasm and happiness!  Such an asset to our community — bringing in tourists to shop in our shops, dine in our restaurants and spend nights and weekends in our hotels/motels!
How lucky are we to have been blessed with this historic landmark! 
Committee – Concerned Citizens of Blowing Rock
Alice Roess,