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LETTERS / So This Is How Liberty Dies . . .

Dear Editor,

“So this is how liberty dies; with thunderous applause.” Padme, Star Wars

What’s “obvious” to the true believers, the conventional MSM/state-manufactured worldview, isn’t the same world those outside the asylum see. You can’t successfully impose your world on others.

There have been so many sneaky assaults committed against Americans, that you’ve been slowly ambushed.  We’re a naive, trusting people and were the most prosperous nation, but the farmer does fatten his pigs for the slaughter. 

You’ve been kept preoccupied with ‘work hard and you can achieve the American Dream’.  We were inattentive, captivated by distractions as the influential used deception, treason, greed and fear to own us. Tell yourself, they wouldn’t lie to us, and then Google “operation Northwoods”.

They insisted that they had taken a vote, that they counted, and your rights were reduced, because they say so, and they’re in charge of the courts that would determine your fate. American “democracy” has often given us these tyrannies providing us slavery, unjust wars, Jim Crow laws, domestic concentration camps, secret domestic spying, torture, and death by drones, to name a few.

Many “consumers” see these types of questions in a “conservative vs. liberal” framework like bickering children. BroncoBama pursues the same interests of a corporate, imperialist empire, as his predecessors did, since the murder of JFK. Both “sides” of our ruling party follow the identical policies of control and corporate cronyism with several social issues used to divide and distract you.

We tell ourselves, “I know why that happened” leaving us pleased with our ideas, which behavioral psychologists tell us release chemicals in our brain that make us feel good. Our “knowledge” might be wrong, but doesn’t change the chemical release. Some people get annoyed when you challenge their beliefs. You’re challenging their righteous feeling, like drugs for a junkie.

Watch Americans being interviewed and see the need to “feel safe” being sold. Americans say we’re “the land of the free” but in recent decades Americans have been accepting a creeping secret police culture.  We’ve bettered the Nazis who never had facial recognition cameras, “enhanced pat-downs”, automated license plate scanners, voice recognition software, mobile backscatter vans or drones in the skies. 

All electronic communication in America is monitored by government agencies. Did this spying keep anyone safer in Boston? With every new tragedy “our leaders” call for more “security”. 

Americans are embracing Nazi secret police culture nationwide. The Sheriff in Palm Beach County, Florida has a 24-hour hotline, and asks people to call and rat on their neighbors, especially anyone that “hates the government”. “See Something, Say Something” government gave us after 9/11 has grown. We’re being trained to spy on each other, and nobody seems bothered that this same thing was done by the Nazis.

Recently in North Carolina, an honor roll student realized, as he got out of his truck, in the school parking lot, that he had forgotten to remove his shotgun after a weekend shooting skeet. He was overheard, by school authorities, calling home asking for his parents help. He was expelled.

In Alabama after a diabetic high school student fell asleep in study hall, the school police officer arrested her and took her to jail.

We’re so afraid that we arrest little girls as terror threats. In Florida, a 16-year-old girl that always got high grades was expelled from school, hauled away in handcuffs and charged with two felonies because her science experiment produced an aggressive reaction. Her classmates said it was “a science project gone badly.” The principal said, “She wanted to see what would happen and was shocked by what did.”

This sort of crap happens daily. How are we supposed to protect our children from this stupidity? Even if your kids aren’t in public school, the police state may still come and grab them from you. 

Recently in the Land of the Free, California, a couple had their child kidnapped by the state, at gunpoint. Anna and Alex Nikolayev took their 5-month old son to the hospital for flu symptoms. The parents didn’t like the treatment that their son was receiving. Doctors were aggressive with antibiotics and began talking about surgery. The parents told the doctor that they were going to get a second opinion. They took their baby to another hospital where the physician judged it safe for the child to return home, with his parents, without any surgery.

The next day the police showed up with Child Protective Services. Alex went outside to talk to them where he was thrown to the ground by police who then entered his house with hands on their pistols. With hands still on their pistols, they told Anna, “I’m going to grab your baby, and don’t resist and don’t fight me.”

Do you want to live with “the authorities” judging your every act? Isn’t that opposite the propaganda we’re constantly fed about our wonderfulness? Despite such abuses, one poll found that 45% of Americans still answer yes when asked; “Would you be willing to give up some of your freedom to reduce the threat of terrorism?” We’re effectively told; “guilty until proven innocent is the price we pay for a free society”, but then it’s no longer free. Similarly in Vietnam a colonel once said they had to destroy a particular village, to save it.

I trust those “authorities” judgment as much as I trust Obamacare, and single-ply toilet paper. Thomas Jefferson warned it’s the nature of government over time to increase and of liberty to decrease.

Ten thousand enforcers locked down Boston and pulled thousands of reluctant citizens from their homes as they rampaged about, looking for one bombing suspect, ending before he was caught, by a citizen, and the “consumers” applauded, displaying how afraid and oblivious they are.

Craig Dudley