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LETTERS / Short Analysis to the Electoral Outcome in Watauga County

Dear Editor,
This short analysis applies to the electoral outcome in Watauga County only. Clearly, most Republicans at the congressional/local levels lost the Watauga vote; i.e., Foxx, Jordan, Adams, Oliver, Gable. Soucek and Yates were the exception. Clearly, Soucek had the right political instinct when he more than anyone put himself way out on a limb in sponsoring the Marriage Amendment. This plus good financing allowed him to win in overwhelming numbers in the outlying areas of Watauga, thereby overcoming the ASU onslaught. Likewise, Yates who has an impeccable conservative pedigree, is well known in Watauga, and was well-financed was also able to overcome ASU. in a similar manner. 

The reason for this state of affairs, of course, is the Democratic/liberal domination of that campus. The first thing that the Watauga/GOP must do is loosen the hold that local professional liberal Democratic politicians, supported by outside liberal activist–who are called in at key junctures, and who operate under a multitude of “covers” (most recently the NCPIRG)– have on the campus.

Let me be clearer: I did not say that students should not vote; what I said is that the Watauga/GOP must look at specific political practices on campus, and insist on being permitted either to emulate these practices where they are legitimate, or bring suit against ASU when these practices are clearly illegitimate. Let’s not forget that ASU is a state institution supported by tax funds. Let’s also not forget that we now have a Republican governor. 

What local GOP candidates clearly must not do is “moderate” their stances on social/cultural issues–as some in both parties are advocating–hoping in this way to satisfy both the campus and the outlying areas. This tactical combination is now discredited. Local GOP candidates cannot hope to “outdo” the Democrats in what liberals call “moderation”. “Moderation” will only diminish GOP credibility in the outlying areas where the GOP base resides in great numbers. The GOP must stand unabashedly firm on these issues, as Soucek and Yates have done, plan to adequately finance their campaigns, as Soucek and Yates have done, and in this way sufficiently increase their margin of victory in the outlying areas.

Nate Di Cola