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LETTERS / Republican Voter Repression Comes to Watauga

Dear Editor,

With the election of Bill Aceto and Luke Eggers  to the election board, pawns for the rich Republicans in Watauga, they are trying a tactic of voter repression. ASU students now have to go downtown to vote.  All of Eastern Watauga, 9,300 voters, now have to descend on Mutton Crossing to vote.  They don’t even sell lambchops in this county!

Democrats wake up; protect your rights; get your vote out.  

I hope the ASU professors inspire the students to walk to the Administration Building downtown and vote early; Prove to the Republicans you demand to participate in your country, how you are governed.  

Make no mistake.  The current crop of Republicans want to repeal social security, medicare, the safety net that keeps us from being their serfs.  Today’s Republicans want no social mobility: so eloquently defined by Jefferson as THE RIGHT TO PURSUE HAPPINESS.

Robert Chassanoff