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LETTERS / Rejection of Historic Replicas in Blowing Rock

Dear Editor and Citizens of Blowing Rock and Watauga County,

         I feel compelled to write this letter about the result of the October 9, 2018 meeting of the Blowing Rock Town Council, specifically concerning the very disappointing and frankly, disgusting outcome and “non-vote”on accepting the free gifts to the Town of Blowing Rock of the replicas of The Declaration of Independence, the United States Constitution and The Bill of Rights from Morganton, N.C. based Foundation Forward group. The replicas of these special documents from our founding fathers are the very foundation our country was built on.

         Having lived in Blowing Rock my entire life, I have been at many town meetings over the years and have always kept up with anything concerning our town. I can say for sure that this “rejected” gift to our town is the most unbelievable and disgusting action that I have seen in my lifetime.I have thought about this issue every since the October 9th council meeting. How in this world could anyone that lives in this country, our United States of America, even consider turning down a gift such as this one, that is such an important part of our nation’s beginning. ALL children and ALL adults, age doesn’t matter, should feel honor and pride when looking at and reading these documents. I feel that any time we can teach our younger children about these special, important documents, and what they really mean to our country, we are obligated to do that. These replicas would have looked perfect in our Memorial Park that was dedicated and given to all the veterans, men and women that fought and died for this country and it is because of these veterans that all of us can enjoy this country and especially our town and its park . The ridiculous statements saying that the replicas were too big for our town and for our town park were nothing but shocking and disgusting. Anyone who has been in our town park, even a few times, knows that there is plenty of room for the three replicas in several places but especially near our 1888 Museum which would have been so appropriate.I feel quite certain that so many people in our town thought that the replicas would have been a wonderful addition to our park and our town and to further honor our veterans, which they so deserve.

         Many other North Carolina towns graciously and gladly accepted these beautiful replicas of our country’s historical documents, and to know that the town I was born in, grew up in and lived my entire life, as did my husband as we raised our two sons here, would turn down such historical replicas for EVERYONE to admire and enjoy is nothing but sad and embarrassing. I am glad that one commissioner and our mayor were prepared to do the right thing for our town. Yes, I sadly realize that the decision on October 9, 2018, obviously can’t be changed now, but I, for one, wish it could and will never forget that decision. I also hope that many residents that live in this town and in Watauga County will share their feelings on this matter, if they feel that decision was wrong for Blowing Rock. Yes, local elections have consequences, and so will the next one for Blowing Rock.