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LETTERS / Questions About Boone Water Intake

Aug. 26, 2014. Dear Editor,

As an observer, not an engineer or an expert on eco-systems, I am commenting as a citizen of the town of Boone and Watauga County. After reading many articles and comment threads, I have questions and concerns:

1. This Boone Water Intake is based on data (an EA) from 2009. Wow! I can assure you my home and land assessments done 6 years ago are not relevant today. So where is an updated EA based on current river conditions, current demand, and current land assessments?

2. The New River has been in existence for centuries. Why is the town going 23 miles out of its boundaries, drawing 4MGPD, changing a centuries old river? How can any “expert” project the costs to the health of this magnificent river?

3. Where are the adults in the room?  From my readings, this Boone water intake (based on 6 yo data which begs for reevaluation) disagreement seems to be going the way of drawn out lawsuit and protracted reviews by state regulatory agencies.  Boone taxpayers will be paying?   Correct?

4. Why can’t the adults in Watauga County, the towns of Boone and Blowing Rock develop a county wide system (a reservoir) within the confines of this county?  Why can’t these 3 entities work together to supply water for future generations within our own boundaries as numerous counties have done?

5. For many communities, the New River is too valuable an asset to risk its history and future to give the single town of Boone a “win” on water.  This “win” based on 6 year old estimates and assessments??

Elizabeth Kivette