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LETTERS / Protect Blowing Rock’s Sales Tax Refunds

Dear Editor,

Being a candidate for Blowing Rock Town Council, is a great learning experience.  Delving into the issues and getting informed on a wide array of subjects is fun and fascinating… there is one issue in particular, that I have found though that is not thoroughly understood by many people – How sales tax money is refunded back to the Town of Blowing Rock.

Nathan Miller, Chairman of the Watauga County Commission and his fellow Republican commissioners have changed the sales tax method from per capita to ad valorem.  What does that mean?

First of all an explanation of the two tax methods:

  • Ad valorem – tax method based on property valuations = benefits small towns like Blowing Rock
  • Per Capita – tax method based on population = benefits Boone

Since July, our Town has received over $192,291 net in just 3 months. Using the per capita method our Town would have received only $115,713 – a net difference in our Town’s favor of over $76,578, an increase of 66%!

The Watauga County Commission made a handshake deal…but it could revert back anytime if any of the towns reneged on the deal.  Obviously, Boone does not like this ad valorem tax method, and the activists in that town are working very hard to pressure candidates and elected officials to revert back to per capita. 

If I have the honor to be elected as your Town Council member, I will work very closely with the County Commission to continue this positive benefit to our Town.


By Laurin Carter, Candidate for Blowing Rock Town Council