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LETTERS / Politicized DSS

Dear Editor,

As a client of DSS, I am now terribly concerned that as a result of Tuesday nights commission vote, that we are going to see the Watauga County DSS budget decimated by Commissioner Miller, and his right-wing repugnut co-horts.

I am very afraid that Jim Atkinson now is completely powerless to prevent political tampering with the DSS budget, now that he has become directly beholden to the Watuga County Commissioners.

These commissioners are led by a bunch of partisan REPUGNUTS who want nothing more then to decimate every county department they can in the name of the almighty dollar.

It is a sad day when partisan politics trumps good sense to leave well enough alone. But that is the way the REPUGNUTS want it. They want nothing more then total political control of the entire county, I just hope that “WE THE PEOPLE” don’t end up regretting allowing this to happen. 

My mantra is if something isn’t broken don’t try to “fix” it. But, this is exactly what has happened as a result of the commissioners need to “consolidate” their power over everything to do with county business. No one is now going to be able to stop them from making politically motivated decisions, that enrich only themselves and hurts everyone else.

The DSS department has now sadly become nothing more then a political play thing for the “politicians” in this county to have their way with the budget and with personnel decisions. Especially if the professionals at DSS try to stand up to the IDIOT repugnut politicians. They will end up being removed and replaced with toady’s of the commissioners who will do only what they are told to do, when they are told to do it.

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil, is for good men to do NOTHING.

David Gross