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LETTERS / “Our Government” is of the Corporation, by the Corporation and for the Corporation

Dear Editor,

“The only thing that can be expected from the next US president is more war, more murder, and more oppression of the gullible American people. People as uninformed and as gullible as Americans have no future. Americans are a dead people that history is about to run over”. Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

“Consumers” who know “Our government” loves us and would never lie to us, question why the editor prints these opinions. Rulers only listen when they think that the mob may be coming for them. Today’s federal government is far too large, corrupt, wasteful, arrogant and dangerous to everyone. Saying corrupt government is wrong isn’t “anti-government”; it’s a “balanced government” view. Otherwise sane citizens are reluctant to embrace “unofficial” ideas unless some expert tells them its okay.

“Our government” is of the corporation, by the corporation and for the corporation. Some claim failure to approve the corporate/government fascist arrangement is anti-government: corporations violate our constitution and oppose your rights continually poisoning you with pesticides, herbicides, industrial waste and GMOs. They dominate the medical system. They monopolize banking, invoking their own trillion-dollar bailouts. They operate almost without restraint or accountability.

Scapegoats are blamed for the clumsy corruption which grows uncorrected.

History has repeatedly shown, blind obedience to government is a much greater threat to “consumers” than terrorism. Over the 20th century, obedient “government” employees have killed over 260 million people.   Every one of them could say: “I’m just following orders”. Remember Nuremberg as you praise your “hero”. Americans commit war crimes also.

Your school molds you into a homogenous drone that mustn’t think outside of the approved “consensus”. You learn to repeat “facts”, not how to think for yourself, so that you don’t threaten the status quo.

Our endless enemies are created and attacked to support corporate interests or fringe ideological theories. Our official histories ignore this serving patriotic propaganda. America’s corruption is structural and beyond reform. We’re taught “our” Empire is entitled to act in ways it won’t permit by others.

War doesn’t “break out”, people start them for reasons we should learn from and about. Anyone with a brain cell, eyes and ears knows we can’t trust those who “lead” us.

The Empire and Israel are obvious police states where power trumps liberties. Both claim they’re innocent victims of terrorism using that excuse for aggressive actions, spending far more on “defense” than others and are actively engaged in proxy and shooting wars worldwide. Israel exploits its alleged victimhood to steal Palestinian land and kill Arabs. The Empire claims victimhood justifying its continued presence everywhere and its aggression like against current targets; Iran, Syria and Russia.

Large numbers of “consumers” in both nations say “you do what you have to do” because “might make right” solving problems with violence.

“Consumers” nationalism is based on ignorance rather than any careful assessment of what America’s real interests might be. They’re willing to incinerate millions for “self-defense”. “American exceptionalism” is racist and fascist.

The “news” serves to create a sense of false continuity. If you bothered to think after seeing the “news”, you’d realize you learned little, but reflection isn’t the game.

Runners approach the finish line of the Marathon. A puff of smoke rises on the screen. A runner falls. You’re told: “The FBI has announced a bomb in a pressure cooker caused the injuries and deaths”; Must be a pressure cooker, we saw the pictures and heard the explanation.

We see Building seven of the WTC collapse. The TV says it resulted from fires. Words beat your lying eyes and pictures. We see film of Oswald inside the police station. The talking head says he’s to be transferred to another location under heavy guard. Oswald must be guilty, because we’re seeing him in a police station, and the TV just said “under heavy guard”: Staged news.

No WMDs are found but “consumers” praise the troops for protecting freedom, without evidence of Iraq threatening their freedom. The reasons for invading Iraq is converted into love for their people: saving them from dictatorship and bringing them a paradise of freedom, peace, and prosperity. Hundreds of thousands of Iraqis are killed, maimed, or tortured. There’s no limit on how many Iraqis are killed in the process of delivering their improved society. We’ve done this elsewhere.

Selling stuff is the core of American life; marketing, advertising, and public relations. These methods have proven effective in business and are used by government in opinion-manipulation around its actions and policies.

America’s election charade has become a costly function of marketing and no politician/agency is ever without their professional spokespeople, making sure that words never slip beyond what’s “approved”. Photos of women and children smashed by the Empire’s bombs vanish as they did in “1984”.

“Our” political system prevents opposition from ever gaining influence. 10% approve of congress but 95% are re-elected.

Many Americans know nothing about “our” Vietnam War. Short memories enable government to commit war crimes like any tyrant, as it claims to be democracy’s chief representative.

“Our government” tells stories to “consumers” who’ve proven they’ve neither the capacity nor desire to do any thinking. 70% of Americans believed that Saddam Hussein was personally involved in the 9/11 attacks.

“Our government” believes it’s their responsibility to protect us from ourselves, ensuring that we’re productive members of their Utopia. Most politicians obviously believe we’re incapable of making simple decisions for ourselves. This is tyranny displayed. Government should only be defending your life, liberty and property. “Our government” offers no accountability. Instead of serving us as should be the case it demands that we serve it.

We tell ourselves if we’re passive enough those in charge will treat us fairly. Why are “consumers” willing to live, exposed to apocalypse, created by dim-witted “leaders” instead of seriously working to alter this world where consumption of anything, the motivating bottom-line of their murder, is seen as virtuous?

America’s constitution authorizes “our government” to print money but instead we borrow it from a private “federal” reserve, at interest going into debt slavery.

There’s no way I can save the world, or perhaps even make a difference but I would be ashamed not to try. The stupidity and shallowness of the ignorant “consumer” is breathtaking to behold.

Craig Dudley