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LETTERS / Our Economy Isn’t Possible Without The Natural World But We’re Destroying That

Dear Editor,

“The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie, deliberate, contrived and dishonest, but the myth, persistent, persuasive, and unrealistic. Beliefs in myths allow the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought.” President Kennedy

Democracy and corporate capitalism aren’t synonymous. We’re sacrificing everything for something we’ve called “progress”. More Americans exist in poverty than ever. American wealth and income inequality is greater than in any other major country and is growing. We’ve caused this because “our government” let a minority control our futures, fattening their bank accounts by reducing yours. Instead of talking about cuts in Social Security, and Medicare, end the absurdity of corporations avoiding income taxes.

Our economy isn’t possible without the natural world but we’re destroying that. A few Profit from destruction of the environment, our life support system. The Gulf of Mexico ecosystem is a disaster after the BP spill and use of Corexit, a dispersant used to hide, not remove, the oil. Fukushima may make Japan uninhabitable and is radioactively poisoning America yet this is seldom mentioned by the prestitutes. The Japanese government just passed a law to jail journalists who report truthfully on the terrible situation.

The immense under-reported risks to land, air and water quality from fracking is uncontrolled capitalism. You’ve invested everything in your home; will you allow it to be destroyed for the profit of some energy company?  Christians might choose to remember; when it happens to the least of you, it happens to whom?

Most people prefer not to hear the story, remembering it’s only happening to someone else, so they can proceed with happy subjects. It’s called avoidance, and it’s why the world we live in is the way it is. “Consumers” are responsible for the death of America because they’ve accepted the lies we’re being sold.

5% think. 10% think they think. The rest don’t care to. The more they talk about Al Qaeda, the less coverage of real problems, like pollution, climate change, diminishing resources, which the mega corporations downplay. Global capitalism has made the depletion of resources so rapid, convenient and barrier-free that “earth/human systems” are becoming dangerously unstable. Chemicals in our food and environment, their profit base, create expensive health problems.

“Consumers” can’t buy homes, cars, education, medical care, and food with Third World wages. When jobs are sent abroad, for “free” trade, so is that job’s tax contribution. With millions of jobs exported taxes can’t support government spending. “New” jobs are low paid and don’t provide a tax base, or spending power. 

Republicans/Democrats, depending on the same sources of “campaign contributions”, attack “entitlements”. Entitlements, Social Security and Medicare are funded by the payroll tax, approximately 15% of payroll. Paying that tax all your working life is why you’re entitled to Social Security and Medicare if you live long enough. Welfare, like food stamps, a small part of the federal budget, isn’t entitlements.

Evil grows because you fail to recognize the difference between reality and fantasy. The sleeping middle class is being dismantled. Equal justice and human rights are sporadic.

According to the prestitutes you’re threatened by Iran, Syria and whistleblowers such as Edward Snowden. The real threats aren’t featured. When you hear the prestitutes smear a “conspiracy theory,” have a closer look.

When you don’t know what to do, usually you do nothing. The criminals know what they want and act, which is why things are as they are. Citizens have lost control to the corporations which we once knew, required control. Corporations are today’s robber barons employing armies of propagandists and agitators. They’ve created a system that controls you, enforcing their world goals.

The Constitution authorizes “our Government” to create and issue debt-free money. The question they hope you don’t ask is why “our Government” borrows money at interest from a privately-owned central bank cursing you and your descendants with out of control interest? You might ask everyone you know that question.

Politicians won’t control spending. No matter who is in office, fiscal cancers continue to grow. We’re told capitalism is the preferable, efficient form of production that represents the majority once the state is out of your way. A minority of predatory capitalists gain the most from state protected absentee ownership. We’re supposed to respect these “feudal lords” while being paid less and being forced into poverty, because?

Capitalism isn’t voluntary. It’s others thriving at your expense. Being a capitalist doesn’t mean someone who prefers some theoretical system of production but corporations benefiting from workers misery, and from global military muscle. It means large prison populations. It means criminalizing homelessness to sanitize public space for comfortable shopping.

American Denial is everywhere.  We haven’t evolved much from the Salem Witch Trials; laws now throw people in jail to rot, versus being burned alive. That’s some progress, but we’ve built a prison industry so that we can publicly trade in shares of misery.  Aren’t we clever? What’s the difference between Witch Trials and the current security state?

Last year “our government” gave other countries 55 billion dollars ignoring American tent cities. “Consumers” confuse legality with morality; because it’s legal, it ain’t necessarily right. America’s iron curtain was paper, but it’s becoming cement and iron.

While America moves towards becoming a third world country that sporadically cares for its own, our tax dollars go to the murdering of children in countries that weren’t our enemy. Somehow we have to stop this or soon, it will be our children, in our streets. 

Supporting a system we don’t fully understand, we guarantee our own exploitation and doom. They prosper, because you sleep; True believers bellow official illusions without investigation, choosing to attack those who demand a different course; don’t object as “they” will be offended.

Craig Dudley