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LETTERS / On Sandy Hook

Dear Editor,

Government policies are directly and indirectly responsible for these tragedies.

If the truth be told, this tyrannical hypocritical government, of both parties, and its policymakers, the social planners, encourage tragedies like this in order to arbitrarily take more power and make law-abiding people give up their means of protecting themselves and their families for the actions of a few warped minds, many who were on legal drugs, which in indicative of serious problems within the medical field. This government, aided by the lapdog, subsidized mainstream media and modern medicine, exploits, and even encourages, these incidents in order to implement total unconstitutional control over every citizen.

Please consider the hypocritical, murderous policies of this government. This bipartisan government sends young people overseas, in harms way, under false pretenses, supposedly after a few or just one individual, but does not mind one iota if these actions kill hundreds or thousands of innocents. And many of the innocent people killed are children. Strangely, after several years our severely stressed military still remains in these poor and oppressed countries; tyrannized people whose brutal dictators were placed in power by British and American interests.

Domestically, this government brutally kills its own people and, in most, if not all, cases, there is no retribution, and the truth is hidden. Also, this government for decades has legalized abortion on demand, which not only kills millions of innocent unborn babies but generates serious medical problems for these women later in life. There were and are no politicized tears shed for these innocents by these hypocritical, murderous government officials.

This government is ultimately responsible. But its official answer is to take even more power and make law-abiding, peaceful people totally defenseless against criminal elements in our society and the government itself.

Always ask the question: Who benefits?

Madeline K. Carter