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LETTERS / ‘Obama’s Middle East Policy is Like a Monkey with a Hand Grenade’

Dear Editor,

“Obama’s Mid East Policy is Like a Monkey with a Hand Grenade.”

We’ll bomb Syria to save it; we’ve done this before, elsewhere. Our police state is going to commit another Nazi-style war crime in Syria. At Nuremberg the Nazis were sentenced to death for the same actions committed by BroncoBama and several of his predecessors. Maybe we should remind him of his peace prize.

The “patriots” say America doesn’t do war crimes with their backs turned on Mi Lai/Abu Grab telling you those were aberrations, and we’re so good we caught them sending all of the perps to Siberia.

“Our government” labels Assad a dictator as “consumer” propaganda, but supports many dictators; as in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, or Egypt, without anyone speaking of invading them for “killing their own people”. Turkey just shot protesters dead in the streets. BroncoBama condemns Syria for using cluster bombs while America sells them to Saudi Arabia, among others.

The proper way to kill pesky troublemakers is to vaporize them with drones, rather than spray them with Raid for humans.  Americans like to believe “our” national-security state is a loving, benevolent parent helping people around the world, becoming indignant when tyrannical regimes commit crimes against their own citizens and “keeping Americans safe” in the process. They don’t investigate what’s really happening.

A country that’s unable to pay its bills without printing monopoly money is in too much trouble to worry about what’s happening in Syria; BroncoBama argues that it’s acceptable to kill with white phosphorus and depleted uranium, as the Empire and Israel have, but not with gas. If Washington thinks WMD are wrong, why does Washington have so many?

Self-righteousness America squawks about the alleged use of chemical weapons by Syria. America used chemical weapons in Vietnam, which continues to affect many generations. In Iraq and Afghanistan, America used cluster bombs, depleted uranium, and white phosphorous gas. Israel used white phosphorus in Gaza. Congressperson Debbie Wasserman Schultz said; “As a Jew I invoke the Holocaust” making a case for bombing Syria.  The children burned alive by white phosphorus on the Gaza strip didn’t make Debbie say, “Never again”.

The justification to attack Syria to avenge/prevent claimed deaths by government gas attacks; “our government” used chemical weapons in the FBI/ATF attack on the Branch Davidians in Texas in 1993.

A Western attack on Syria has nothing to do with bringing “freedom and democracy” to Syria any more than freedom and democracy were reasons for attacking Iraq and Libya, neither of which gained any “freedom and democracy”. When Washington finishes with Syria, the next target is Iran.

Congress has a 15 percent, or lower, approval rating, making our most hated political body more popular than attacking Syria. Does such approval constitute “Consent of the governed”?

There’s no reason for Assad to use chemical weapons.  The only ones benefiting from poison gas would be the rebels, who have wanted us come in and fight their war since BroncoBama made chemical weapons a “red line”. Some argue that the rebels lack the capacity to launch a sarin attack but aren’t there others who could gain by use of such weapons? BroncoBama says that traces of chemical weapons can’t be eliminated, but that Syria destroyed that same evidence, that can’t be eradicated. They want an investigation, but say they already have all the answers.

On the same day that Secretary of State Kerry declared that we have to bomb Syria because using chemical weapons violate international rules, CIA files appeared proving America supported Saddam’s using chemical weapons against Iran and the Kurds. The Empire gave Iraq WMDs to help him kill Iranians because the Empire hates Iran. That’s because Iran had the audacity to oust the American installed dictator from power without consent. America defines terrorism as unofficial use of our methods.

Dictator using chemical weapons on his citizens, president who doesn’t need congressional approval for war escorted by media war drums; it was junior Bush’s lie about Iraq’s “WMD” which somehow threatened you.  That was proven a lie, but too late. When wars begin most Americans obediently believe new government lies, no matter how amazing. 

America has a history of lying to start wars. Governments lie and nothing they say should be believed. Whistleblowers expose the official lie. From the Tonkin Gulf to the baby-incubators-in-Kuwait tale that helped launch the Gulf War and reports of Iraqi WMD, death and suffering follows the failure of the “free press” to challenge government lies.

The American way of life involves believing the talking head. TV news is mostly acting and some half truth, but “consumers” accept it like it’s the “Word of God” and don’t you dare say different. Have you noticed we’re not true to what we say on paper? 

If we fire missiles into Syria people will die; what special insight does America have that lets us decide better lives will be saved by our bombing? Once we drop bombs in the Syrian war, we have taken sides and can’t back out. Pearl Harbor was a limited air attack and had no boots on the ground.

Our security state does bad things that “consumers” don’t notice, creating rage abroad; a percentage of the survivors decide to retaliate with terrorism. When they do, Americans frenzy about, arguing it’s necessary for more war and to delay your liberties. Americans will continue to suffer the consequences of empire/national-security state, and interventionist foreign policy. Our punishment arrives in the ongoing destruction of freedom; where’s democracy when a few elites do whatever they want, commit any crime, despite the opposition of most citizens? They spend your money on pork, waste trillions making war, while forcing Obamacare on you ignoring the single payer system most want. You are but a slave.  We live in a corporate/fascist/militaristic/surveillance state.

 Craig Dudley