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LETTERS / Now That DSS Has Become a Political Plaything

Dear Editor,


Now that DSS has become a political plaything of the county commissioners, 
it is now possible for the commissioners to breach the wall of confidentiality 

and privacy of client files anytime they want and there is nothing that the DSS

Director can do to stop this kind of breach from happening. 

Let me tell you sir, that in those confidential files is information that nobody 
would want to be exposed to someone with NO understanding of the 
possibilities of personal embarrassment/humiliation that could occur if any 
of their personal information were to be made accidently public. 
Including the fact that there is extremely private medical information about 
the types and kinds of medications that people take under their doctor’s 
orders. I personally would not want that kind of information being exposed
to ignorant politicians who would possibly disagree and/or frown upon 
doctors prescribing painkillers to their paitients.

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil, is for good men to do NOTHING


David Gross