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LETTERS / Need Help To Clarify Whether We Have “A” God or “The” God In Which To Trust

Dear Editor,

Now that we have a new religious motto above the courthouse door, perhaps local officials can help to clarify whether we have “a” god or “the” God in which to trust.

If it is generically “a” god then any god from Odin, to Zeus, to Allah, to Yahweh, to a Triune God, to a fallen angel will do.  The motto might then signify the welcoming of a wide diversity of believing persons to the courthouse with the exception of atheists or agnostics.

If the religious motto implies “the” God that is to be trusted, as stated in the First Commandment, then local officials need to inform the public about which specific God is thereby officially established for the conduct of court and government business.  Citizens other than atheists and agnostics will then be forewarned about which profession of belief will benefit them in obtaining equal justice under law or in seeking redress of grievance from local officials.

When might we expect this clarification?

Roland Moy