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LETTERS / National Elections Are Obvious Theatre To Keep You Fooled

Dear Editor,

America’s greatest threat is its fanatical ‘leadership’ and brainwashed ‘consumers’. Politicians have no interest in solving the disasters they’ve created. They chose to do what politicians do best: pretend that they’re solving issues, while collecting ‘campaign contributions’. Voting in national elections makes you an accomplice to a criminal enterprise by way of individual consent. National elections are obvious theatre to keep you fooled. Nothing you vote for happens.

The best way to control ‘consumers’ is through fear and conflict; confuse and distract them with mindless news chatter/entertainment, set them against one another and tie them up in knots over matters lacking real national significance. Keep ‘consumers’ divided so that they keep screaming at each other so that they drown out all other sounds. In this way, they will never reach consensus about anything or hear the corporate state as its closing in on them. Few Americans even realize they’re being manipulated into adopting an ‘us’ against ‘them’ attitude. Fueled with fear and loathing for phantom opponents, they pour millions of dollars and energy into ‘elections’, hoping for change that never comes.

While the Empire crumbles, it pours billions upon billions into foreign military misadventures. The foolish war in Afghanistan will soon hit $1 trillion. Iraq is on the way to a second trillion. Washington is running little wars in Africa, and the Mideast, while gearing up for possible conflicts with Russia and China. Fixing sewers, dams and bridges doesn’t make billions for arms manufacturers/politicians. We have no funds to replace America’s decaying water system, or build and repair bridges because the funds are going to bomb Afghans, Arabs and prop up evil regimes like those of Azerbaijan, Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

There are many ‘truths’ in the empire such as; Rebels are anti-government movements, and militias opposing a ‘dictatorship’. Terrorists are Islamic zealots, anti-government movements, foreign mercenaries and militias opposing a ‘democracy’. Syria is an ‘autocratic’ and corrupt state, currently engaged in military ‘aggression’ against ‘moderate rebels’ that ‘conspiracy theorists’ claim are backed by the ‘international community’. It’s also a threat to the ‘national security’ of democracies, and thus a potential candidate for a NATO campaign of ‘humanitarian’ bombing in the name of ‘peace’ and ‘freedom’.

Elections are how ‘consumers’ of ‘democracies’ are allowed to choose which corporate spokesperson will pretend to make decisions for the next several years. It’s important to note that ‘autocracies’ may appear to hold elections, but these are never fair and always rigged. Elections in ‘democracies’ are always fair, even when they appear to be rigged. The ultimate judge of electoral fairness is the ‘international community’, the Empire.

NATO is a ‘defensive’ military alliance used by the ‘international community’ for ‘liberating’ ‘autocracies’ through ‘humanitarian’ bombing and ensuring global ‘peace’ by spending billions in imaginary currency on weapons of war. Propaganda is something that never happens here and only happens over there. Peace can only be achieved through unending war.

The Empire never lets facts get in a way of a good provocation. They tell us only democratic nations ally with the ‘international community’ and/or NATO. Many of the international community’s regional allies may look like theocracies or monarchies, but they’re really democracies. ‘Our’ international community would never ally itself with people who don’t share core values. The ‘International Community’ is North America and Europe. Humanitarianism is the reason the ‘international community’ declares war on developing countries, rich in natural resources: Imperialism was once the reason for those wars.

We’re told aggression is the only motivating factor behind most, if not all, military action taken by ‘autocratic states’ opposing the empire. Actions in defiance of the ‘international community’, which appear to be defensive, are actually aggressive. Usually this is done by ‘anti-democratic’ governments, opposed to ‘humanitarianism’, who refuse to bow to the will of the ‘international community’. Some autocracies can appear to be ‘democracies’ going so far as to have their leaders elected by a large majority.

‘Our’ free press describes our recent military adventures this way; Iraq and Libya are newly democratized states, free of ‘dictatorship’, but still suffering from ‘insurgency’. Moderates are religious fundamentalists and/or psychopathic mercenaries who believe in executing prisoners, burning heretics and eating human organs, but only do it in Syria.

Defense, we’re told, is the only motivation for military action taken by “democratic” nations, especially those who are NATO members/part of the ‘international community’. Some of these actions may appear to be aggressive, but no proper ‘democracy’ would ever support military aggression. Acts that appear to be ‘aggressive’ are only preemptive defensive moves, carried out with deepest regret.

The true value of a society can only be measured by a person’s ability to say whatever they wish without fear of reprisal. It’s the state of being in a democracy. We’re told every citizen of the ‘International Community’ enjoys limitless freedom. If they apologize for ‘autocracy’, ‘terrorism’ or spread ‘conspiracy theories’ they cancel their freedom, and become subject to ‘justice’.

Civilian guns, once were important tools in the battle to protect freedom from tyranny, but are now dangerous, corrupting, violent possessions valued only by conspiracy theorists, terrorists and people who hate children. Government Guns are important tools in the battle to protect ‘rebels’ from ‘autocracy’ and crucial export business.

Oligarchs are Russian billionaires and therefore, corrupt. Billionaires are American oligarchs and worthy of admiration. Corruption never happens here and always happens there. Conspiracies never happen here and always happen there. Conspiracy Theorists believe, falsely, that a ‘conspiracy’ could happen here. Insurgents reject the democratic process of ‘liberation’ by means of ‘humanitarian bombing’ and are often the tools of ‘autocracies’.

Banks being highly trustworthy, have total control over the value, production and distribution of your money, help drive the economy by creating electronic money, out of thin air, and lending it to you at high rates of interest. They insist the money you give them back is real. Debt makes modern, civilized, advanced economies happen: Old-fashioned economies, mainly found in ‘dictatorships’, focus on production, manufacture, trade and resources.

The domestic policies of any ‘true democracy’ aim for equality. It’s very important that everyone has to work equally long hours, for equally low wages to pay off crippling debt, and that they face equal jail time should they fail to do so.

Justice is the process by which minor criminals are imprisoned and/or executed by major criminals. Liberation, using ‘humanitarian bombing’, turns a ‘dictatorship’ into a ‘democracy’. National Security is the essential consideration of any ‘democracy’. No citizens of the ‘international community’ can truly enjoy ‘freedom’ or ‘equality’ if their national security is threatened, so ‘democratic’ governments must sometimes begin ‘defensive’ wars to maintain it.

Suppose ‘consumers’ were asked: “What do you believe is the biggest threat to the freedom and well-being of Americans?” Most answers would be: ISIS, terrorists, Muslims, Iran, Russia, China, illegal immigrants, or drug dealers. If our American ancestors were asked that question in 1791, most of them would have answered: ‘our’ government is the biggest threat to our freedom and well-being. That’s why Americans demanded the Bill of Rights as a condition for approving the Constitution, which created ‘our’ government. They knew that our own government officials would inevitably destroy their fundamental, God-given rights, as they’re now doing.

How is it that the Empire is so “protective” of Guantanamo Bay Cuba where there aren’t any Americans there other than our military, yet we preach that Russia should abandon Crimea which was part of Russia until 1954 and is solidly ethnically Russian?

Americans think they are always right; they force their ideas on others. Constantly being told that America is the greatest country in the world tends to remove interest in how things are done elsewhere; Of course if such things worked, we’d already be doing them, so there is no need to see if anyone else has done them successfully, right?

A Terrorist is anyone who doesn’t have an air force. Terrorists trained and funded by the Empire aren’t terrorists but insurgents. When Al Qaeda supposedly attacked on 9/11, they’re terrorists. When they’re taking down Syria’s Assad, they’re insurgents. American foreign policy and interventionism is the most destabilizing force in the world today. NATO is setting up missiles all across Europe while accusing Russia of aggression: Remember Saddam’s WMD: ‘Conspiracy theorists’ question the statements of known liars. People believe the lies that define their reality, because they lack the education, the emotional and intellectual strength to confront obvious lies.

Craig Dudley