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LETTERS / Many Things You’re Taught Collapse Under Deeper Inspection

Dear Editor,

Mr. Hope and Change recently said “Russia was relapsing into a cold war mentality”.  He canceled his summit with Putin for granting asylum to Snowden, who arrived at Moscow’s airport, his computers full of information that NSA has been thieving from everyone on earth.   For uninformed “consumers”, “cold war mentality” was America’s burden.  American history from 1945 until 1989 was all about showing those Commies who was boss, which we did by becoming like them.

We’re supposed to despise Snowden for exposing government crimes and distrust anyone that helps him. America welcomed Solzhenitsyn for actions like Snowden’s. KGB defectors to America never gave Russia an excuse to reduce contact. Snowden infuriated “patriots” by honoring his oath to the Constitution mistakenly believing that government works for us.  He exposed some of, “our governments” lies. It’s more evidence of America’s dark side showing BroncoBama’s true face. It’s how the empire does business. 

BroncoBama said he’s boycotting Putin because of human rights issues and Syria without mentioning Snowden. “Our government” works with many rights violators around the world, and commits similar crimes. Washington defies international/American law in our many wars; how is Russia’s support of Assad, their historic ally, different than ours of many dictators. Imagine America’s response if Russia used Cuban advisors and imported insurgents against Columbia’s government.

Washington speaks democracy and fighting terrorism while subsidizing tyrants, and working with “terrorists” as in Libya and Syria; American tax dollars fund murder of innocents and always for a “good cause”.  Manning was tortured for several years before his date with a kangaroo court.  He faces years in prison for what the “trial” revealed was the crime of liberating evidence, including battlefield videos, hidden from you, containing proof of American war crimes in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere.

“Consumers” accept dictatorial methods, secret police, and historical fictions because they “feel” it’s for their “safety” believing “freedom and democracy” travel alongside war crimes. “Consumers” believe we’re “indispensable/exceptional,” and therefore entitled to have their way with the world. If “our government” faced the 1945 Nuremberg court, it would be convicted.  Russians don’t try to be the world’s police not to say Russia is admirable, but that it’s hypocritical for “our media/government” to paint Russia as much different.

Washington blasts Moscow about human rights. This is interesting if you seriously investigate our own sketchy history. Disputes about Syria, Palestine, and missile defense, tangle American/Russian relations.  Whenever Russia refuses to accept American policy it’s attacked over human rights by American prestitutes and politicians.

Gorbachev withdrew Russian armies from Eastern Europe. The USSR was allowed to dissolve giving up empire, territory, people and offering America friendship. America’s response was pushing NATO up to Russia’s borders, using previous USSR satellites. European objections prevented us from giving NATO war guarantees to Ukraine and Georgia. Baby Bush put treaty breaking, unrequested, anti-missile systems in Poland and Czech Republic, allegedly aimed at Iran. When Russia put missiles in Cuba we were ready to start nuclear war.

Washington runs military exercises worldwide, including in several African countries, plus surrounding Russia and China with military bases; Washington’s hostility may trigger nuclear war. Why can’t Americans see ourselves as others see us?

War in Korea and Vietnam, space program, Hiroshima, Nagasaki and immoral actions in many small countries, were all responses to “commie threats”. For those not raised with bomb shelters and Tang, the USSR, was known for evils patriotic Americans would never tolerate; show trials, state-controlled media, torturous gulags, government spying, fraudulent voting system, violent response to peaceful protests, and a corrupt oligarchy keeping the masses in poverty.  America has historically prepared for war, including nuclear, anywhere, to save us from the type of government that “our government” is becoming.

Russians said “They pretend to pay us, we pretend to work,” when Americans could buy new cars every other year and send their kids to college, on one income. Now two full time workers can barely afford bus fare, where buses are available, while CEO’s have several mansions.

Our own KGB/secret police have grown so huge it has several aliases.  America’s unequal justice system is displayed when the Attorney General recently publicly guaranteed that his current target wouldn’t be tortured or executed if extradited which generates chuckles worldwide.

After 9/11 baby Bush insisted we needed more bureaucracy to protect the “homeland”, once imagined as the war departments job.  The Department of Homeland Security promised to combine abundant government agencies advertising consolidation as money saving by minimizing duplication. It’s wasted more.

The TSA has never caught a terrorist, as far as we know, but without evidence of its value in airports, TSA is branching out to be equally ineffective, expensive and offensive elsewhere. TSA “expanded its reach to sporting events, music festivals, rodeos, highway weigh stations and train terminals”, reports The New York Times. In 2012, TSA conducted some 8,800 unannounced operations outside of airports.

Republicans talk about downsizing government with some proposing abolishing entire departments but they expand it as do Democrats. “Saint Reagan” never kept his promise to shrink government.

Washington threatens “to bomb you into the Stone Age” if you don’t toe the empire’s line. We impose “sanctions”, starve women and children, and ban medical supplies, unless you consent to being our puppet. This is the tyrant’s face Washington shows the world. “Our government” is despised by everyone with a conscience and sense of justice.

With thousands of people involved, nobody before Snowden exposed NSA spying.  You might re-think “conspiracies theories” with this clear evidence that conspirators can hide anything, even with large numbers involved. Many things you’re taught collapse under deeper inspection.

For “consumers” evidence consists of stories that support their beliefs supplied by a school/media/government source which they quote as if it were credible.


Craig Dudley