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LETTERS / Make It Better

Dear Editor,

I would hazard a guess and say that most Americans could care less about a candidate’s political party, race, religious beliefs or sexual preferences as long as they fulfill their appointed duties to the best of their ability, for the greater good of their constituents. It matters more that they govern for the betterment and future of the whole of our citizenry rather than the agenda of their party and the few. It is imperative that they have their citizenry and the future of our community at the forefront of their decision-making. Left Wing and Right Wing zealots do not contribute in a positive way to the betterment of the whole. Their creed is to “divide and conquer”; they want you to believe as they do, wholeheartedly, and to follow blindly.  When you go to the airport and you’re getting ready to board your plane, you want to make sure that it has both a right wing and a left wing before you get on. We need both a right wing and a left wing to propel the center forward, but when you tilt too much either way you only circle back to where you started. Too tight a turn and you stall and crash. Both sides have valid points, concerns and opinions as to how our country, state or community should be run. But are they running it for the betterment of the whole or just the few? The amount of animosity, and outright loathing, locally, between these two parties has resulted in an apathetic citizenry resulting in low voter turn out, stagnation of our economy and a decrease in our community’s development. These decisions, by the few, have been the reason for this decrease in employment, a limited amount of new business start-ups and increased commercial space vacancies. We need to entice local business start-ups, as well as recruiting companies to relocate to the area, by making the whole process easier; not more complicated. On November 5th we will have the opportunity to select a new and brighter future for the town of Boone. This will be the perfect opportunity for us to really look at where we have been, where we want to be and to choose the candidates that will help get us there. Please weigh each candidate’s experience and vision for Boone’s future. It’s time we close the gap between our two extremes and make a concerted effort to work more constructively together, focusing less on our differences and more on our likenesses. The uniting of all our energies toward a common goal will lead to the betterment of our community and Boone’s future.


John J. Mena