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LETTERS / Life Is Precious

Dear Editor,

Congratulations to Senator Dan Soucek for standing up for life in whatever context and setting he chooses. 

Other local politicians, even some who were elected with conservative votes, so far are choosing to remain silent.  For example, we await to hear from State Representative Jonathan Jordan on pro-life issues, including pro-life license plates.

In the aftermath of the recent atrocity against life, the hearts of all Americans go out to the immediate victims and their families.  More generally, our collective hearts go out to the culture of our nation, a culture increasingly on the defensive since the 1960’s.  Ever since, America’s “entertainment” industry has systematically debased our culture with violence and all forms of degradation.  The content of present-day TV programming would have been unimaginable in the 1950’s, when programs such as Arturo Toscanini’s NBC Symphony Orchestra graced mainstream TV each week.  Shame on Hollywood and shame on most TV executives, not least, shame on Rupert Murdoch

One outcome of our cultural degradation is the felt need of our citizenry to arm themselves to the teeth; another outcome is the ever more frequent and more deadly mass killings; still one other outcome is the nation’s addiction to mass abortions.

Nate Di Cola