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LETTERS / Life Before There Was Legal and Safe Abortion

Dear Editor,

I dedicate this one to all of those on the side of outlawing abortion to protect that defenseless child. The same ones who seem more than willing to ignore the woman who is carrying it in the process. That and of course the child once it’s born and can’t be used as a political prop anymore. The same ones trying to tell me small government is good and freedom of religion is important. Even as they try to regulate every womb in America and according to a couple lines in the bible. Such as Sen Foxx who (her disrespect for the “Unelected” courts aside) considers the period of abortion “One of the darkest chapters in American history.”

I wonder, has she forgotten what life was like before a legal and safe abortion? Do she and many others think overturning Roe V Wade will be the first step in getting us back to our Christian (ha) Nation roots. and just end the problem once and for all? Wave the wand, make it illegal, no one will have one?

A little link that would say otherwise. Something I’d like to share with a crowd so terrified of choice we couldn’t even have it on a license plate. http://www.nytimes.com/2013/01/22/opinion/leeches-lye-and-spanish-fly.html?_r=0

And a little poem that said editorial inspired.

Leeches, Lye, and Spanish Fly.
So many ways a girl can die.
All alone except for pain.
Desperately hiding secret shame.

But now she has support, she has a voice.
And freedom to make a safer choice.
Well trained doctors, a hospital bed.
And yet to some a source of dread?

Godlessness far as the eye can see!
So lets legislate morality!
Picket the clinics, bar the door!
We’ll have ourselves a culture war!

Wanted posters! Put those doctors on the spot.
Not our fault if a few get shot.
Same for patients and workers amidst the fray.
As madmen scream out “bombs away!”

We’ll make doctors fill her head with lies.
She’ll go insane when that baby dies!
We’ll probe her body, we’ll make her wait.
Then slap our faith on a license plate!

We have to save her from damnation.
Cause we are a “Christian Nation.”
And save that child from an early doom.
Though who cares once he leaves the womb.

But should you prevail through cry and hue.
Whatever shall our heroine do?
Legal choice? Bah what a chore.
After all there’s plenty more!

Oil of Tansy? That hits the spot.
Even as her insides rot.
Who cares if her guts are turned to goo.
So long as baby Jesus isn’t blue?

Ergot perhaps? It works for cows.
Price you pay when you carouse.
And that sense of every limb on fire?
I’m sure it’s really not that dire.

Problem child? Have the cash?
Off to England you could dash!
No money to cover for your heirs?
Well there always is a flight of stairs.

A knitting needle might do the trick.
Press just so, one little prick.
All your fault for being at the brink.
None for the date who spiked your drink.

A backroom doctor for our sweet little waif?
No chance for infection, It’s perfectly safe!
No need to fear, No need to doubt.
No good girl has ever bled out.

So to all of my friends who hear god’s voice.
You can take all the means but never the choice.
A choice that is somehow your freedom oppressed?
But our heroine’s freedom, that’s fine to detest?

So thump that bible cover every day.
But the issue won’t just go away.
Not an issue at all, If like you we believe?
That’s all it would take? Could you be more naive?

Jesse Steele