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LETTERS / Let Us Know

Sept. 1, 2014. Dear Editor,

Elected officials and candidates, I am especially addressing this letter to you. Please help make my voting job easier in the upcoming Nov. 4 general election. Announce to your constituents that you 
will help overturn Citizens United, McCutcheon and other Supreme Court decisions which shifted control of our elections from the will of the people to the wallets of the super-rich. Do it now.

I need to know – do you think it is OK for the very rich to buy their candidates without disclosure? If you think it is OK or you have never heard of Citizens United vs FEC or McCutcheon vs FEC please resign from your office now or do not run for office. You do not work or will not work for the people.

I was pleased to learn recently that Josh Brannon of Watauga County is running against US Representative Virginia Foxx.  He is on record with the following: “As your representative I am for the rights of people over corporations, for the ability of every American to be represented equally in politics – money is not speech – for equality, everyone deserves a first chance, almost everyone deserves a second chance – and for education, it is the best investment we can make in our future.” (http://joshforushouse.com)

Elected officials and all candidates: let the people know you believe Citizens United vs FEC was a bad decision. Rescue our democracy. Make a public statement in this paper or other media outlets. Let us know where you stand – whether for us or for the 1%. Your silence tells us that you are working for money, not people. Brannon quoted former governor of Texas Ann Richards saying “Life is not fair, but government absolutely must be.” So true.

Paula Finck