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LETTERS / It’s Time Again

Dear Editor,

Fifty years ago Rachael Carson wrote a book that got a lot of attention: Silent Spring. It seems the answer to her these days is: We’re not sure, so why stand in the way of ‘progress’, when concerns are raised about chemical processes being let loose in the world? Who benefits, what’s the blowback, and why aren’t those questions raised as we spread unknown chemical ‘solution’s’ all around us. ‘Our’ president recently signed an executive order letting loose on ‘consumers’ any chemical creation ‘our’ food industry cares to sell in the face of the problems with GMO creations like gluten difficulties and behavioral problems in children, let alone blowback like dying honey bees. Monsanto has been convicted in several courts by juries convinced that roundup causes cancer which hasn’t slowed the worldwide broadcast of those poisons a bit.

GMO Foods were imposed on Iraq by Paul Bremmer right after he took control of Iraq in 2003. You might ask why the Empire takes such actions, but you won’t.

It’s the same with Syria, Iran, nuclear energy and a host of other things going on around us almost un-noticed. You’ll claim you had no time to investigate, do anything different, because you’re busy with school, work and family. So, distracted, you accept all that government ‘sells’ trusting all you’re told. Each ‘emergency’ is treated as the TV/government recommend. The unspoken thought seems to be ‘speak no evil scenarios’ different from the TV script because someone won’t like it which could make you un-popular. How many lies will you accept to avoid being called unpatriotic?

‘Our’ rulers attack any evidence that doesn’t follow the party line as conspiracy theory especially concerning vaccines, GMO food, or the Empire’s serial invasions/crimes. False flags make sense for someone who needs concealment for some criminal enterprise. If you’re going to start a war, you want to look like the innocent bystander to get the support of ‘consumers’.

The crimes continue because it serves those in charge. Voting changes nothing. Locally we’ve voted against taxes and ‘projects’ but somehow they seem to happen in spite of ‘our democratic processes’. Nationally you can see the same things as we vote against war and get more wars anyway. The mango Mussolini speaks about attacking Iran without the required congressional declaration of war or any real reason, as if such legalities mean anything, anymore, in our Orwellian empire. The ‘religious’ among us applaud, thinking our actions will hasten the return of Jesus as if we have that influence.

We’ve been attacking Iran since 1905 when Churchill decided Britain should own Iran’s oil, and yet we’re offended when they react. ‘Our’ Navy doesn’t belong near the Persian Gulf any more than the Chinese or the Russian navies belong near the Chesapeake Bay.

You let others do your thinking for you; reject a source because your friends are skeptical, and accept whatever ‘our free press’ sells. You expect others to parrot the group approved tales like well-behaved chil’ren. The TV says so, so, it’s as presented, in the minds of mindless ‘consumers’. Anyone ever lie to you?

Google and Facebook tell you who not to associate with, read or consider. The mob clamors for the heads of ‘leakers’, perhaps because if the truth becomes obvious then they’d feel embarrassed for doing nothing beyond watching TV.

Those who present themselves as ‘leaders’ expect you to reject ‘conspiracy theories’ because, you know, there aren’t any other than Watergate, Iran/Contra and Russian meddling. You’re mocked for knowing conspiracies are a part of the human condition, and practice, demonstrated daily, and by history. Ask google to take you to a prohibited/’conspiracy’ site and you’ll discover they make it difficult, here in the land of ‘freedom’.

Political figures are rarely of the highest moral character: the scum rise to the top. These people are treacherous and capable of anything; they have to be to claw their way to the top of the political snake pit, yet you imagine your ‘champion’ has your best interests at heart.

Guns are declared guilty of murder, but cars are declared innocent. In both cases it involves an inanimate object and the human controlling it. The ignorance involved is stunning.

It’s not just your right to know; it’s your responsibility and just parroting what the TV says, isn’t anything near educating yourself. When it comes to reporting on international affairs, most American ‘reporting’ doesn’t fall far from the Pentagon’s daily fiction. ‘Our free press’ rarely interviews foreign leaders, especially those to whom the Empire is hostile. American ‘news’ outlets engage in war propaganda. Warmongers, like Bolton, use it to get the wars they crave.

The average American’s IQ has decreased. There are plenty of reasons. The increased consumption of processed foods containing poisonous additives and GMO products, has contributed. Dishonest state-complicit media and bureaucratic public school systems are crucial in training ‘consumers’. The school system encourages memorizing, discouraging independent thinking. Nonstop propaganda/brainwashing has turned Americans into unthinking, unquestioning ‘consumers’ who lack empathy and a moral compass.

“Person in the street” interviews, clearly demonstrate how ignorant the average American is. ‘Consumers’ seem content in their limited awareness. Using new tools for “hate speech” Facebook censors flagged the Declaration of Independence for offensive language.

Consider some of what Americans have allowed, without protest, in recent years. They fell for the ‘invasion’ of Kuwait nonsense, in part because they don’t know history, and sent their children to die in a place they couldn’t have located on a map the week before. They echoed the ‘mainstream media’ line about Saddam Hussein being a “brutal” madman, when they knew virtually nothing about him, like his CIA background.

We crossed an important moral line when most Americans remained silent as tanks demolished a home, smeared in ‘our free press’ as a “compound”, and gassed the inhabitants, killing civilians, including a large number of children. What happened at Waco should have started impeachment and criminal charges against Bill Clinton, but you preferred the ‘blue dress’ foolishness.

Americans accepted the magical fertilizer bomb theory at Oklahoma City, and cheered when patsy Timothy McVeigh was executed in record time. In the same way ‘consumers’ buy other questionable tales told by ‘our free press’ that only repeat what ‘our’ government tells them because to look elsewhere is to support ‘conspiracy theories’: Its witch burning writ large.

On 9/11 we crossed a line that will be difficult to reverse. Until that day, and since, no steel frame high rise ever collapsed from fire. On that day, we’re told, three did, including Building 7, which wasn’t struck by any aircraft. That magical day exposed the collective gullible nature of ‘consumers’, while “experts” told them that “terrorists” had done this, and nothing would ever be the same. ‘Consumers’ accept anything the TV tells them; Arabs, who couldn’t fly small planes, executed this terrorist plot flawlessly, defying the laws of physics, led by the latest bogeyman, Osama Bin Laden, from his cave. The unconstitutional Patriot Act flew thru congress unopposed, and the Orwellian Homeland Security Department was created. “Free speech zones” became ‘acceptable’ with protest only coming from ‘conspiracy theorists’.

Many Americans accepted the results of the dubious 2000 election, which featured the first widespread suggestion of voter fraud outside of Chicago. The 2004 election was also questionable. Voting lost any significance it once had. Even if they did count votes honestly, no honest candidates are ever nominated to run for president in either ‘party’. Huey Long said, before they killed him, you have a choice between Tweedledee and Tweedledum.

Voting provides the false appearance of you making a choice, between two approved candidates. The outcome is determined through rigged voting machines. Stalin said it’s who counts the votes that determine the outcome. 

These are some highlights of the crimes Americans have permitted in recent times. Don’t forget the ultimate corporate giveaway, when, despite 95 percent of ‘consumers’ opposing it in every poll, the “too big to fail” banks were bailed out by taxpayers after the 2008 economic crisis. When the banks want to be bailed out again, ‘consumers’ will stand by politely. There will be no yellow vests in American streets.

Brexit wouldn’t be possible in America, because ‘consumers’ still accept the narrative: ‘there are no conspiracies, and our leaders are decent people with good intentions’. Iceland put their bankers in jail. Try to get Americans to understand the counterfeit nature of our criminal banking system, and you’ll discover most don’t care.

Identifying stupidity is difficult because you sound elitist, but what else can you say about people who accepted the state-sanctioned, mainstream media driven “Russian collusion” conspiracy crap? The same ‘consumers’ who can’t accept that 9/11 was an inside job believe that Russians somehow hacked our election and denied us all the wonderful opportunities the hildabeest would have presented.

The Empire supports most of the world’s dictators while claiming concern about democracy and human rights. American foreign policy is aimed towards controlling the world’s resources, promoting a business-friendly environment for transnational corporations, and seeking windfall profit opportunities for cronies.

History is written by the winner. You might investigate how that plays out regarding the truth, but you won’t.

Global capitalism has been cleaning up since the Cold War ended. Global capitalism isn’t America, the “nation” most Americans think they live in. Who honestly believes that ‘our’ government and its military serve our interests? Explain to us how they’ve benefited Americans, many of whom can’t afford to see a doctor, or rent a home, or educate their kids, without a lifetime of debt to some global bank. “America” isn’t at war with Iran. Global capitalism wearing an American face, waving an American flag, wants war with Iran, but it’s no more “American” than the corporations it comprises, or the governments those corporations own, or the armies those governments control, or the transnational banks that keep the show running.

Why is it that when someone feels insulted they automatically assume you intentionally elected to do so? It seems they never consider the possibility of misunderstandings or different valid viewpoints. Compromise to achieve consensus arrived at via communication isn’t seen in action much these days. Apparently ‘consumers’ know, individually, what’s true, and the ‘other’ can’t possibly be in possession of any valid reason, experience or vision. Divided and misinformed ‘consumers’ continue to argue about which side of the bread the butter is on as those in charge continue to steal and destroy without effective opposition.

We regularly discover another disobedient nation that needs the Empire’s military intervention so America must clearly be God’s chosen, or is that Israel?

Craig Dudley