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LETTERS / It’s Obvious That ‘Our Government’ Is An Untamable Beast

Dear Editor,

“There is not a dime’s worth of difference between the Democrat and Republican Parties!”  George Wallace    

The illusion of “choice” remains. Both “parties” aren’t concerned with your welfare, but theirs, the globalists of the military-industrial complex and are the ones Eisenhower warned about.

 The baby Bush years demonstrated the “evil party”. BroncoBama and the “stupid party”, has continued the policies of baby Bush and his predecessors with things like; Fast And Furious; guns for drug lords, illegal IRS audits of opposition groups, Money Laundering ignored by large banks, for drug lords, destruction of property rights by those same large banks, Intentional destruction of your money; trillion+ deficits; Benghazi as blowback in our illegal arming of terrorists in Libya/Syria and our other aggressive wars.  

 Evil and stupid are the costume they wear for the financial gangsters who own and operate America. If you believe any president acts without first considering how the corporate rulers want things done you have discovered that new drug Huey Lewis sang about. If you only oppose the crimes of evil, or stupid, you’re part of the problem.

 Billions of swindles in countless schemes since 2000 with securitizations and other questionable deals where despite legal requirements for document procedures banks simply didn’t and are allowed to argue there should be no penalty for their failures because these defects are “mere procedural errors” leaving our financial system uncertain.

Law enforcement evicts homeowners, victims of illegal foreclosure, and doesn’t arrest lawbreaking bankers. They’re investigating reporters and jailing leakers, while leaving executive-suite criminals unmolested.

 We’ve seen the destruction of a “free market” for health care for at least thirty years now, compounded by BroncoBama and the “official” political parties, awarding, protecting and enforcing cost-shifting with Obamacare, using government, monopolies, and IRS power to force increases in those expenses on you, for the benefit of the medical industry, especially insurance companies.

 When Obama campaigned he promised he would push for GMO labeling. When crowned, he appointed Monsanto people to key government positions, and his promise disappeared.

The DOJ is criminalizing journalism for reporting on what “our government” illegally does in secret (everything?) ignoring First Amendment protections. It’s a major escalation of BroncoBama’s attacks on press freedom. This continues the removal of our “freedom of press” we brag to the world about and further display the hypocrisies. Do BroncoBama defenders forget that the decider and tricky dick, as bad as they were, never prosecuted truth tellers this aggressively? BroncoBama promised a new openness but has surpassed what past presidents have done in/for secrecy.

 All these crimes continue because you refuse to demand that The Rule of Law be honored. I hear people ask when someone will “lead” us to solutions. Demanding that leader gave the Germans Hitler. Your rights to good government only existed only as long as you defended them. A person is only a victim until they give consent. Silence is consent. When you consent to the fraud and abuse heaped upon you it becomes part of a “victim” ritual you’ve willingly chosen.

 The true believers will tell you that their group of political criminals is better than the other gang. You have no more chance of affecting their convictions than you would in making Columbus believe the world is flat. They’re incapable of seeing that both “sides” pursue the same interests and use social issues to divide their sheep.

 We tell ourselves we’re governed by laws, not men, with each law traceable back to founding documents. Without that you have the law of the jungle, where the biggest teeth, claws and body mass win. That’s what we have allowed to occur in America. We aren’t stopping it and shall be further consumed by it.

 Jon Stewart noticed that BroncoBama routinely claims ignorance about events saying that he learned of them watching the news: “I wouldn’t be surprised if President Obama learned Osama bin Laden had been killed when he saw himself announcing it on television.”

 It’s obvious that “our government” is an untamable beast. These surface scandals are nothing compared to the things we will never learn, like how the CIA conducts business. Unfortunately, many people insist on seeing every scandal in partisan terms. Conservatives are justifiably horrified at the thought of IRS auditing based on political views. Where were they when Republicans did the same thing? I doubt activist groups would be sending out alarmist direct-mail if the latest Bush were president. Our alleged limited government is so vast in its size, power, and taxing ability that nobody can control it; when the president and the attorney general claim they have no idea what their departments are doing I,… almost, believe them.

 The nation’s founding ideals; limited, accountable government, with separated powers, checks, and balances, has vanished. Government is about power and force. Many with power over others abuse it. If you don’t think the rules of this game can and will be applied to you at a time and place of the “Bad guy’s” choosing, you haven’t been attentive, you domestic terrorist, you. We have one set of laws for you and another for the tyrants. 

Craig Dudley