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LETTERS / Israel These Days

Dear Editor,

Once, an anti-Semite was someone who hated Jews but today it’s pasted on anyone who speaks truth about Israel, especially its policies involving the Palestinians. Virtually nothing is left of Palestine except the Gaza ghetto, the modern equivalent of the Warsaw Ghetto: Moving anyone or anything in and out is controlled by Israel. In its effort to control the justification of their crimes, the Israel Lobby has made “anti-Semite” into an honorable position. We’re all potential Palestinians. ‘Consumers’ don’t know that Israel’s government confiscates entire Palestinian villages and demolishes Palestinian homes to build homes for Israelis.

Stories are planted in your head by ‘our free press’ and schools that make no room for exploration of other possibilities filling you with that programming allowing no conflicting information access.

Since 1967 about 40% of the adult male Palestinian population has been jailed by Israel at one time or another, while Israeli ‘settlers’ go wild on Palestinians protected by Israel’s police and army as they attack Palestinians at random and systematically destroy their livelihoods. They’re rarely arrested and, if they are, they’re tried in Israeli civil courts where they’re nearly always acquitted. The Jim Crow south treated its black citizens better. This situation would be unimaginable nearly anywhere else in the world but Israel gets away with it due to a sympathetic Jewish dominated media and politicians worldwide that are easily bought or coerced.

International laws are regularly violated in the horrific treatment of the Palestinians but Israel continues to act freely. Israel’s theft of Palestinian land is illegal and has been frequently condemned by the UN. America refuses to call the brutal Israeli military occupation what it is. America serves as Israel’s protector in the U.N. and elsewhere, enabling Israel’s crimes.

Israel’s defenders describe the Palestinians as terrorists who have to be dealt with harshly, saying all Arabs are a threat, which sounds like the stereotyping they dislike when it involves Jews. Arab terrorism didn’t exist until Zionists attacked Palestine increasing after 1948. Israelis say Arabs are subhuman. Nazi’s said similar things about Jews. People under occupation have a right to resist under international law, to include using violence. In all of this, the media has abandoned their alleged role as skeptical watchdogs and become the propaganda arm of the Empire/Israel.

Before WWI Zionist groups newly arrived in Palestine engaged in terrorism against the Palestinians and the British military after the protectorate was established. Now that the tables have turned Israel refuses to recognize the Palestinian resistance as legitimate. 

Presenting Arabs as evil indicates they’re outside the moral community; no need to talk with them, no need to be fair, or worry about their safety. Israel uses the Empire to eliminate obstacles to Israel’s expansion. Israel has encouraged the Empire’s war on Iraq and Syria, and America’s demonization of Iran hoping for more war.

While Israel was settling Jews on confiscated Palestinian land, it transferred Palestinian citizens to military control, enabling the continued theft of privately owned Palestinian land. Israel works towards erasing Palestinians, ethnic cleansing: when ‘consumers’ talk about Israel giving up the West Bank for a Palestinian state, it shows a complete misunderstanding of reality on the ground and the objective of the Zionist state. Israel made the conquest of the West Bank irreversible years ago; the settlements were there, billions were invested, the entire Jordan River valley was Jewish. When there was no remaining space for a Palestinian state, Israel said, let’s negotiate.

Describing Israel as it presently exists as a “racist endeavor” doesn’t deny Jews their right of self-determination, but declares that self-determination carried forth in a racist manner by anyone, is illegitimate. Zionists, being the deep thinkers they aren’t, have created an absurd situation; anyone who condemns Israeli racist acts, must be anti-Semitic, even if they’re Jewish.

Politicians need money to survive in their chosen career. If it doesn’t cost them too many votes, they sell their support and no one bids higher than the Zionists, maybe using some of the billions ‘our’ government sends them while we’re told we don’t have money for our problems. Democratic politics isn’t a righteous activity: as long as it’s dependent on nonstop fund-raising, it will be corrupt. That’s how Zionists easily arrange for most Western politicians to selectively suppress free speech in their own countries and support racism in Israel, while we’re cautioned about alleged ‘Russian interference’.

The Empire’s ‘war’ on Syria began under saint Obama and the hildabeest. A leaked email written by Clinton in December 2012 reveals that America’s actions to overthrow Syria’s government were done to help Israel. Clinton’s email said:  “The best way to help Israel deal with Iran’s growing nuclear capability is to help the people of Syria overthrow the regime of Bashar Assad.”

The reason the Empire invaded Syria wasn’t to fight terror, but to overthrow Assad because it would be the easiest way to help Israel target Iran. The Israeli strategic plan (i.e. Yinon Plan) calls for splintering Iraq and Syria into ethnic or religious regions. ‘Our’ government supports groups like ISIS to break up these multi-ethnic secular Arab states to advance the Zionist plan to dominate the Middle East.

The robots at their tele-prompters recite “The Arab-Israeli conflict” speaking about “two narratives” making moral contortions.  There’s no moral balance in a military occupation enforced by nuclear-armed Israel backed by the Empire creating epic injustice.

The historical truth of the systemic expulsion of Palestinians from their homeland, “Plan D” the Israelis called it in 1948 can’t be hidden.  Israeli historian Benny Morris described how David Ben-Gurion, Israel’s first prime minister, was asked by a general: “What shall we do with the Arabs?” The prime minister “made a dismissive, energetic gesture with his hand”. “Expel them!” he said. Ethnic cleansing which the Empire allegedly opposes.

Zionism is a racist political ideology that’s created the only neo-colonial regime of our time. Israel has violently dispossessed millions of native Arabs and has turned the region into a flash-point for a global nuclear war.

Mention “Israel” and most members of both ‘parties’ quickly snap into line in a show of unity that would make North Korea envious. When virtually the entire world condemns Israeli aggression, or declares settlements illegal, ‘our’ government, across party and ideological lines, finds virtually complete harmony in uniting against the world’s consensus and defends Israel.

The free speech debate in America is incredibly distorted. Pundits and political officials love to crusade as free speech champions when doing so involves defending ‘mainstream’ ideas or attacking powerless groups. When it comes to one of the most systemic, powerful and dangerous assaults on free speech in the Empire, the growing attempts to literally criminalize speech and activism aimed at Israel’s crimes, these free speech warriors are silent. What’s the reason to turn Americans into felons for the ‘crime’ of protesting a foreign nation’s crimes which ‘our’ government supports?

‘Our government’ outlawing opposition to Israel is curious as it removes our free speech protections and favors one group which isn’t even American. To learn who owns you find out who you aren’t allowed to criticize. I can’t understand how those who have been the target of prejudice can ‘do unto others’ as Israel does. To justify themselves, the ‘superior’ group has to believe the target group to be subhuman, and Jews have some experience with that.

Why is it anti-Semitic to question Zionist influence over the media? If Irish Catholics had such control of the media it would be addressed. Why is every Zionist pundit and Politician pushing for open borders and gun control? Nearly every single gun control measure in the last 50 years was sponsored by a Jewish politician. Why are Jewish groups pushing for more refugees to be forced on America and Europe? Israel has refused entry to any non-Jewish refugees. Why has the mountain of evidence proving Israel’s involvement in 9/11 been hidden from the public? For an easy entry into that search the web for: the five dancing Israeli’s arrested on 9/11. The complete lack of a legitimate free press has let the enemies inside the gate. Its past time to wake up; Next stop: Brave New World and Soylent Green.

Christian anti-Semitism, Muslim anti-Semitism, Christian Islamophobia, Muslim persecution of Christians has no groovy name: all of these are acceptable topics of debate, but not Jewish hostility to Christianity as is clearly demonstrated in Israel. Recently Israel confiscated large bits of Christian land in Israel.

If you doubt any of this, research: the American ship ‘liberty’ which Israel attacked in 1967 killing and wounding many American sailors.

If you support Israel because of biblical predictions thinking Ashkenazi Jews are the lost tribes, research ‘khazars’ and you’ll discover they aren’t. Conservative Jews don’t support Israel because they say it wasn’t established as the bible said it would be.

Israeli government spokesmen admit that in the war of pictures they lose. Israel isn’t an innocent victim. Palestinians are allowed no voice in their situation beyond resistance using whatever tools they can find. What would you do if your home was invaded and you were attacked without pause? Why would Palestinian David’s attack Israeli Goliaths unless it was due to a military occupation leaving them no alternative? What you’re fed on the TV are half-truths and lies especially when concerning Israel.

For speaking against Zionist power, which has killed millions, destroyed several countries, deformed many others and is the greatest threat to world peace right now, I’ll be called an anti-Semite. As a birth-right Quaker I was taught to convict someone only on their actions, so knee-jerk charges against me of “anti-Semitism” can be shoved in the appropriate place. Worst, I’ve committed an unforgivable sin for questioning the official version of the ‘Holocaust’, which then labels me a Fascist, though I’ve spent much of my life condemning state power.

America has become a nation of totalitarian-minded sheep who don’t know they’re being manipulated into destroying their own country.

Craig Dudley


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