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LETTERS / Israel Gets Billions In Aid Every Year From America

Dear Editor,

War is when the government tells you who the enemy is. Revolution is when you figure that out for yourself. Voltaire said you know who has power because you’re not allowed to criticize them. We could identify who owns government by determining who hasn’t been arrested for stealing billions.

Israeli politicians call for nations around the world to prohibit criticism of Jews and Israel. Israeli journalist Gideon Levy of Haaretz called Jerusalem “the capital of apartheid”. Instead of pretending to be a ‘Jewish Democracy”, Israel admits that it’s a theocracy guided by Jewish racial supremacist ideology: Zionism. When a country announces that it’s a state based on one religion, history shows that doesn’t end well.

Israel gets billions in aid every year from America, claiming to support democracy, while simultaneously brutalizing the Palestinians continuing what Nobel Peace Prize winners Bishop Tutu and President Carter call apartheid: If Americans discovered their taxes being wasted this way you imagine they might cut Israel off. Israel uses Holocaust sympathy and labels of anti-Semitism to discredit critics.

Secretary of State Kerry was recently tarred anti-Semite for pursuing a Jewish/Palestinian peace. Oppose any Israeli policy and you’ve become anti-Semitic: Israel has successfully encouraged laws in Western countries used to jail academics, pro-Palestinian activists, and individuals who have spoken provable facts about Israel.

Israel isn’t offended by some holocaust denial: Israel is the world’s leading denier of Armenian holocaust after Turkey. Israel is one of the most racist and anti-Semitic nations on earth. It discriminates against everyone who isn’t an Ashkenazi Jew, including Sephardic Jews and especially Arabs, all Semitic.

Israel asks the Jewish owners of Facebook, Wikipedia, Google, and YouTube to remove material Israel doesn’t like, regardless of its truth. Free speech Laws are intended to protect speech that powerful groups find objectionable otherwise, there’s no free speech. Speech protection is to protect unpopular words. Popular words need no protection.

Is it Free Speech if government defines how it’s permitted?

Israel’s lobby, AIPAC, powerfully influences American foreign policies. AIPAC’s influence has created international policies which are in direct opposition to America’s security. These actions, often exclusively beneficial to Israel, damaging to America, are frequently created by government members/appointees who are dual American-Israeli citizens.

What do you do when powerful forces in America advance the interests of another nation? Many American-Israeli citizens admit they feel a primary allegiance to Israel. These “Americans” vote in Israeli elections, and fight in Israeli wars. Many are actively engaged in the Israeli political system.

The Empire, in its special relationship with Israel, allows Israeli-Americans to hold two nationalities, allow American citizens to hold public office in Israel, and American government positions as well. What other country has this exception to our citizenship laws.

Many members of “our government” are also Israeli citizens from Kissinger on down, including ambassadors and department heads like Chertoff, recently of homeland security: positions that could compromise American security depending on which country they choose to be loyal to.

If you think this acceptable, what would you think if the Head of Homeland Security were a dual national with citizenship in Iran, or Saudi Arabia? You don’t feel the same about Israeli dual citizenship because the power AIPAC has in “adjusting” your acceptance of their activities.

Alan Goodman, an American Jew, served in the Israeli army. In 1982, he entered Jerusalem’s most holy Islamic shrine, opened fire, killing two Palestinians and wounding others. The media, American and Israeli governments played down the incident.

Israel allows armed Jews to confiscate Arab homes in Jerusalem, thanks to generous American Jews who give money to their criminal Jewish trespassers: There have been many attacks by armed Jews including murder, theft and the defacing of churches and mosques all over Israel and the Occupied West Bank with little response by the Israeli government.

Israel and politicians in the Empire were outraged when three Israeli teenagers were murdered. Israel responded raiding thousands of homes, destroyed property, wounded and killed scores of Palestinians, and destroyed the homes of two suspects. Innocent people pay a heavy price for Israel’s Nazi like policy of arbitrary destruction and murder.

When a Palestinian teenager was kidnapped by Israelis, forced to drink gasoline and set on fire, Israel didn’t destroy the Jewish suspect’s homes. Israel destroys the homes of Arab “suspects” but never Jews committing race-based murder.

Israel was recently “shaken” when 5 Jews were murdered where there was once a Palestinian village, destroyed in 1948 after Zionist militias executed more than one hundred of its inhabitants, including children. If those dead disturbs Israel what would describe the feeling of Palestinians in Gaza, who saw 2,000 of theirs, including women and children, butchered by IDF war criminals?

Since 2000, Israel has detained some 10,000 Palestinian children who are beaten and tortured by Israeli security personnel. Since occupying the remaining Palestinian lands following the 1967 war, that Israel started, Israel has destroyed more than 18,000 Palestinian homes.

Israel protests European recognitions of Palestine provide an excuse to Palestinians ‘who hope to achieve their goals without talking directly with Israel’. Palestinians have been ‘talking directly with Israel’ for at least 23 years. If Israel believes that ‘talking” is best, why wouldn’t they give talks with Iran more time instead of sanctions and threats of war?



Israel prevents freedom of speech, arresting anyone posting content considered “anti-Israel”. Israel has arrested journalists; raided international news offices in Palestine, or just killed them.  These journalists are pointing out Israel’s campaign of ethnic cleansing that takes land from Palestinians to build “Jews only” homes. Anyone labeled a “terrorist” is stripped of their residency permit and deported, including their family.

Anti-Zionism isn’t anti-Semitism. Israel actions only differ from the Nazi’s in scale. You support them with political action here, in the UN and lots money the Empire, in historic debt, sends Israel. The Palestinians are under occupation. Israel exercises unrestrained measures to reign over them. Palestinian’s behavior is a natural reaction to occupation.

Craig Dudley