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LETTERS / In Response to Eggers and Aceto

Jan. 28, 2015. Dear Editor,

I read [Jesse Wood’s] article about Jane Ann Hodges’ resignation.

In response to Luke Eggers’ and Bill Aceto’s denials that they were harassing Jane, I enclose the Agenda for the upcoming Feb. 11 meeting of the Board of Elections. Luke gave this to JaneAnn a few days ago and, though she is polite and gracious in her response to [High Country Press], I know she felt it was the final straw.

It proves my point, I believe, that they have been trying to intimidate her and drive her to quit, although there are many other examples. I have all the records of each of our meetings over the past year and a half and all written material and correspondence, including the letter of reprimand that Luke gave her last in November 2013 and also including transcribed verbatim minutes, made from recordings.

If my colleagues wish to challenge my assertions, let them do so.  In any case, this agenda makes it clear, however much they want to deny it, that they have been harassing her and may have been trying to trump up some innocent act into a reason for firing her.

There was NO other conceivable reason for a closed session on the subject of personnel in this upcoming meeting on Feb. 11, and Luke, at least, had told her he was going to punish her in this manner right after the election for not informing him that she was trying to help a certain constituent who was being accused by the State Board of not being a citizen.

In other words, she was doing her job.  He then scheduled two unnecessary meetings in a row in a time period in which there was no election business that needed doing, not providing an agenda and canceling at the last moment each time.

I believe this was meant to make her worry and agonize about their intentions. JaneAnn is a sensitive person, she is justifiably proud of her work and totally honorable. There was no reason to treat her with such callousness and disrespect. She works very very hard at her job and treats everyone equally, no matter what their political affiliation.

I have a feeling that we will not be so lucky in elections to come.


Kathleen Campbell
Member, Watauga County Board of Elections