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LETTERS / In Reference to Phil Templeton’s Letter

One of the reasons a lot of people do not vote is their lack of time to research how their elected officials voted on various issues and the new candidates platform. Pam Williamson does her research on local, state and national candidates and presents her point of view in bare bones language. I found her website PamsPicks.net a good source of information along with votesmart.org and publiccitizen.org and Citizens for Political Responsibility.

Mr. Templeton’s vicious attacks on Pam Williamson’s integrity surprised and alarmed me. Pam is doing what we all could do if we are dedicated; take time to find out who we are voting for. Making bad remarks about another person’s point of view produces stalemate and stops the process of growth. Dialogue is the best way to promote cooperation between our two political factions. It takes time to listen and try to understand the other person’s point of view without using hateful language.

-Paula Finck