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LETTERS / I’m Amazed

Dear Editor,

“Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, one by one.” ― Charles MacKay

I’m amazed by what Americans support/ignore. America’s ignorant, chaotic and inconsistent politics has no focus beyond maintaining control. Divide and conquer is working: Americans are fighting each other in the streets as the one percent increases their control. You’re fighting the wrong foes.

It seems impossible to discuss anything in this crumbling country, without some virtue signaler making it a racial issue. Whatever the problem, it’s said to especially impact Black people. Any “debate” attempt brings cries of ‘racism’. The only Whites allowed focus on ‘racism’. America’s biased politics centers on “victims”. Our nation is fixated on race, obsessed with Black interests, complaints, and their experience. If it wasn’t for slavery and Jim Crow, little American history would be discussed at all. The racism card, played all too often, is mostly nonsense, ignoring the culture clash involved. Before you jump, I was, in part, raised by a black man from Virginia. 

‘Our’ ruling class says they’re opposing an army of white supremacists. ‘Our free press’ calls the 1/6 protestors ‘insurrectionists’ and simultaneously, the ANTIFA protesters who burned down businesses are excused, because, racism. The Empire has an official regime of lies, supported by a worthless dishonest media, and scores of millions convinced, falsely, that America is an open, honest and moral country.

When there’s been a shooting it’s unclear if you should be concerned until authorities release the skin colors of those involved. According to FBI statistics the majority of shootings are done by blacks, with handguns, so politicians go after scary black rifles. In our large cities virtually none were shot by a legal gun owner. The solutions advanced are akin to the authorities confiscating my car because you drove drunk. 

“Climate Change” is another ‘burning issue’ the TV sells regularly. Greta and Al aren’t talking to BP executives about the greatest environmental disasters of our times. They’re ignoring big corporations that spread chemical cocktails into our air, water and food. They’re focusing on your vehicle emissions.  It’s about controlling behavior. Our ‘leaders’ are beyond all satire. 

A new concept Harvard “experts” have presented is that “not all who give birth are women.” Who are we to argue with Harvard experts? If parents letting their child decide what gender they want to be, or even actively encouraging a change, isn’t child abuse, what would be? If medical professionals inject children with “gender blockers” preventing their natural development, that’s criminal. “Experts” declare that anatomy doesn’t determine gender. CNN recently said it wasn’t possible to know a person’s gender identity at birth. You can’t have a meaningful dialogue with such people.People are being fired for not using the preferred ‘pronoun’ in identifying others. Biology and choice are different things.

It’s a good thing my working career is over. I’d be unemployable in this mindless Orwellian climate. I certainly would have said something to get me “cancelled”. The “Woke” inmates have taken over the American asylum. Those of us, who insist on pointing out that none of these demented emperors are wearing any clothes, are ostracized, banned and “fact checked” on social media, ignored by ‘mainstream media’, pressured into obedience by friends and family. They have the laws, judges, men with guns and a cowardly population which meekly obeys.  

Christian martyrs died rather than submit to anything Rome required which violated their beliefs, no matter how minor. Christians today will only act when some ‘official’ tells them what to do.

If you remain silent when hearing obvious lies, or worse, when you repeat them, your integrity vanishes. A society of feeble liars is easily controlled. Political correctness is no different. You choose to believe such crap for social acceptance.

What you buy at Walmart was likely made overseas. The empire’s trade deficit regularly scores new records. This is mostly the result of the Clinton’s installing NAFTA which sent your jobs to Mexico and later China, removing a large part of the Empire’s economy. Your jobs here now go to immigrants escaping repressive governments installed by the Empire or brought here because your ‘representative’ said there weren’t any natives to do the jobs.

American TV ‘news’ is Voice of the White House, and/or the Pentagon Broadcasting Service.  Our world is ruled by a few who use the system to accumulate immense wealth and power, enabled by buying or blackmailing politicians and having their cronies write, and thugs enforce, their laws. The deception, and propaganda served by ‘our’ mainstream media, owned, and controlled by the ruling oligarchy, creates a smokescreen to obscure who wields the true power in this country. 

‘Mainstream news’ spent four years supporting the hildabeest’s claims that Russians stole her election and now says the orange man speaking of obvious election fraud, is ‘debunked conspiracy theory’. The empire and the corporate media constantly tell us how important media freedom is, while Julian Assange and other whistleblowers are in prison for reporting on the empire’s crimes, and you remain silent.

The Deep State isn’t a looney conspiracy theory, but the reality of how this country is operated.The most distressing aspect of the Great Reset scheme is how many ‘consumers’ are begging their overlords to impose restrictions, mandates, and censorship to accelerate their criminal takeover of our nation. ‘Consumers’ fear a weaponized annual flu given a scary name, a continuous marketing campaign with terms like “cases”, “double mutant” and “variant”, and lying doomsayers like Fauci, who convinced many Americans to trade freedom and liberty for the false hope of safety and security. Recent annual death rates are statistically little different year over year.

Our educational system is an embarrassing failure, as uncountable tax dollars have been wasted on mediocre teachers, impractical curriculum, and bloated administration. Steadily declining math and reading scores are blamed on ‘racism’. Public education isn’t designed to encourage critical thinking, or encourage curious questioning citizens but to produce obedient, consumers who follow orders from ‘big brother’, without question.

Our overlords want obedient, easily manipulated, conformist, robotic consumers who believe systematic racism is real, there are 35 genders, a flu with a 98% survival rate is a reason to surrender their remaining freedom, and an all-knowing benevolent government is here to help them, often on the business end of a SWAT team.

Once, independent citizens made this country strong. They’ve become dependent, materialistic, weak shadows, chasing safety and security allowing government to accumulate control over every aspect of our lives.The debts are too extreme, the military overreach too excessive, the looting by the financial class too great, political corruption too obvious, suppression of truth speech too strong, and opportunities too few. Freedom of speech, of thought, and the freedom to “Think for Yourself” aren’t permitted in social and mainstream media world monopolies.

Veterans come home saying the same thing Vietnam vets did: ‘What was the point of that? We have no definition of success, no idea what victory means and we’re there without the constitutional authority required’. In a 2019 Pew Research poll, 64% of veterans said the war in Iraq wasn’t worth fighting; 58% said the same of Afghanistan. At least two-thirds of veterans support full withdrawals from both countries. 

The idea that America is a defender of democracy, liberty and human rights would be a huge surprise to those who saw their democratically elected governments subverted and overthrown; from 1945 to 2001 there were 248 armed conflicts worldwide. The Empire started 201 of them, interfering worldwide, supporting wars, inciting riots, running assassinations, and overthrowing governments creating appalling humanitarian catastrophes. Such foreign interventions reveal America’s selfish hypocrisy. 

I’ve never seen landing craft hitting Miami Beach but somehow we’re threatened by countries smaller than many of our states.

The military-industrial complex spread its empire with American troops now in 177 countries: 70% of the world’s countries. The Empire, 5% of the world’s population, consumes more than 50% of the world’s total military spending intending ‘full spectrum dominance’.

America benefited from most of these wars, for control of resources, like controlling oil in Iraq, Libya, and Syria. Wars are tools for improving America’s economy. The IMF, World Bank and Sanctions are weapons to coerce and control countries. Whenever you talk about the need to end ‘our’ empire’s iron-fisted control of our planet people ask “who would take its place?”, as though there must be a unipolar hegemon.

It’s curious that a large number of Americans still believe the crap the TV sells about how we’re the beacon of freedom in a land ruled by law where everyone has equal opportunity regardless of anything beyond effort and skill, as we, nationally ignore all legal requirements because ‘we’re indispensable’, but so far, to who, hasn’t been made clear.

Our empire building once was: “They’re savages we need to bring to Jesus”. In recent years it’s been to bring democracy to the masses, or is that freedom, like we gave Iraq where we’ve killed uncountable numbers, and spread depleted uranium all around poisoning their land for centuries to come, as we did with Agent Orange in Vietnam where the birth defects continue to amaze fifty years later.The Empire uses war, bullying, and conspiracy, to maintain its hegemony. We’ve become what we once claimed to oppose while we deny any of it and continue our war on everything, including ourselves. 

America is at least thirty TRILLION in debt, bankrupt, and can’t pay the interest anymore, never mind service the actual underlying debt.The simplest fix would be to cut spending but they won’t because the majority of spending is on their Wars. ‘Our’ Government threatens nations with obliteration if they don’t obey. The real threat comes from oligarchs, imperialists and war profiteers who see ‘our’ government and it’s military as a tool for expanding their power and wealth no matter what.

The Empire presents slogans like “shock and awe” or “maximum pressure” indicating there must be a psychopath in government whose job is to create one-liners to summarize our bad behavior. These terms substitute for confessing to the murder of millions since the Global War on Terror began, let alone before that.The Empire apparently believes America has a “manifest destiny” to create an international order, feasibly democratic, and based on their rules that theoretically benefits everyone, but never does. 

Imagine how different our lives would be if all of those trillions weren’t spent on wars without cause/end and NAFTA hadn’t created the giant sucking sound Ross Perrot predicted.  The empire acts like it has the right to attack/bully any nation, as if we own the world, and is appalled when they not only don’t submit, but resist. 

Craig Dudley