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LETTERS / If Guns Are the Cause of Mass Shootings, How Come There Are No Shootings at Gun Shows?

Dear Editor,

What everyone knows and does is always correct; just ask a German, African American or Native American. “Our government” would never lie to us and to think otherwise is surely crazy. Our “free press” tells you what your daily burning issue must be and anything else is certainly communist inspired.

 The timing of gun control with global bankruptcy at hand is just one of the coincidences of history up there with 9/11 and the Kennedy shootings?

 Americans, being exceptional, ignore laws of physics, political science, human motivation, and history without cost such as; its torture when they do it, but enhanced interrogation when done by Americans. Some things don’t appear in foreign media from censorship but don’t on ours because we don’t need conspiracy theory propaganda.

 Everyone knows that when “Our government” outlawed liquor, booze vanished overnight and everyone stopped drinking. When Washington banned marijuana all of those Reefer Madness maroons quit smoking dope, and now there’s probably nowhere in America where you could buy weed.

 Washington made the downloading of copyrighted music illegal which stopped immediately. No one has illegal music. Ask your teenager.

 Doctors want long pointed kitchen knives banned in Britain as many assaults are impulsive prompted by alcohol and drugs, and kitchen knives are too easily available. When will they realize we need that here?

 It’s known that regulations always removed problems so why do famous people bother with armed body guards, Obama’s daughters attend a private school with armed guards and Secret Service agents. Anti-gun Senators Feinstein and Schumer have concealed carry permits. Clearly they forget the law protects them.

 Gun control will transform America into a nation of peace loving “consumers”. Prostitution was eliminated by making it illegal. Gun-control is reasonable and certain to be effective. Rednecks must accept that the legal prohibition of guns is sensible. History repeatedly revealed when government outlaws something that vast numbers of people want, the outlawed items immediately disappear. We have seen this countless times.

 Guns are easily smuggled, and will be more valuable when only criminals have them, but they will certainly vanish when “our government” says so. Mexico has severe laws controlling guns; Criminals have real assault weapons, while nobody else has anything. That’s certainly a partial success. BroncoBama wants to restrict American gun ownership after selling guns to those Mexican drug gangs.

 I’m in favor of ending crime by making guns illegal and I think this should be universally applied. Let’s also disarm the Pentagon. Our authoritarian rogue regime is a bigger killer of innocent humans than lone psychos and terrorists. If this seems unreasonable, think about who kills more children, Ritalin-addled little boys, or “our military” in every small country it can find, not owned by “our government”? I ask for an honest body count and will accept your numbers.

 Long term drug use produces wild ideas and worse behavior. Legal drugs like Ritalin provide you with fierce depressions, sleeplessness, anger, and irrationality. Big Pharma provides bottled craziness to little boys bored with schools run by intellectual termites? At least 90% of the perpetrators of mass shootings are on some type of medication.

 “Our government” is acting to protect its citizens which I know helps you to feel safe like; treating peaceful protest as terrorism, using homeland security laws to crush dissent, spying on all Americans, indefinite detention of American citizens without due process.

 Obama has to grit his teeth and kick old poor people because major “cost-saving” takes courage. Confronting powerful people with rooms full of gold into which they dive like Scrooge McDuck won’t get the debt and spending under control.

 Tax breaks for the wealthy, oil, corporate farm subsidies and War spending are necessary to maintain our way of life. Congress must again impose their will on the laws of economics, attending to the concerns of the wealthy and make old geezers pay for it. Social Security and Medicare have gotten too costly, reducing funds for invading small countries that threaten our way of life. Let those freeloaders take care of themselves while we invade banana republics before they do so to us.

 America loves war, despite telling ourselves how peace loving we are. We’re the land of the free with the world’s largest prison population. We have the War on poverty, drugs, crime, terrorism, illiteracy, small uncooperative countries, and now the war on guns. What could possibly go wrong?

 The continual push on Iran with American “sanctions” against them demanding other nations to fall in line with the embargo will certainly protect us from invasion by Iran. Our invasions and embargos prevented threats to our existence by Grenada, Cuba and countless others who were about to attack us. Who can deny this?

 A society based only on law is a lawless society hoping to control others with force. American society is violent because of American attitudes. Guns aren’t the cause of this violence; the violent nature of American society is the cause of our violent actions.

 “Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have the exact measure of the injustice and wrong which will be imposed on them.” Frederick Douglas


Craig Dudley