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LETTERS / How Do We Stand

Dear Editor,

If you were walking down the street, and all of a sudden, out of nowhere, a small child darted across your path and into the face of oncoming traffic, would you put yourself in jeopardy? Would you run into the street to save the life of a child?

Would it matter if the child was a boy or a girl? Black or white? Republican or Democrat?

At some point in time, each one of us has to make a decision. Evaluate whether a cause is worthy of our involvement. There are times you are willing to put your neck on the line. Sometimes you are willing to take a risk. Some things are worth that much. They are that important. Some things are not.

What time or event is worthy of your action? I think most everyone would jump after that child. In that moment, we are one with a common thread that runs through us…protect the children. We all feel it. We are meant to. It’s how we survive. They are our future.

Every resident of Watauga County is at that point. The opportunity is right in front of us. We have a chance to rise up as a community and stand behind our children. We have an opportunity, in a clear and united voice, to tell the County Commissioners that we are the type of people who jump in the street for kids.

Constructing an asphalt plant within two miles of two schools and over 700 kids is crazy. That it is even an option is crazy. But, two asphalt plants? The other one just one mile away from an elementary school? That is over 1,500 kids (not to mention the rest of us). That is 30% of the students in this county. And it is even an option? Really?

This is it. This is the moment where we all have to make a decision. For me, it’s simple. If there is a kid running into the street, I’m going after them. If there are people in a county willing to put the interests of businesses over the safety and well-being of children, I am called to action. I’m jumping into the street. Children need help.

This is the time for us to stand together. We need to unite for the sake of the children. We need to send the message clearly. No matter who we are or what our job may be, we recognize the need to protect our children.

It doesn’t matter if we are Men or Women, Black or White, Republican or Democrat. We are the people of this beautiful county and together we can raise our voices and demand that they be heard. Together, we can take a stand for our children.

Please, see how you can join the growing number of people who are standing behind the children of this county. Go to www.highcountrywatch.com to find out more about upcoming events and see how you can get involved.

They are watching us. They are learning. Let’s make them proud.

Jessica Stetter