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LETTERS / Hijacking the Election Board Meeting

Dear Editor,

Good job Ms. Campbell you were sucessful in what you set out to do. Ms. Campbell’s agenda was to hijack the election board meeting with her ranting and slinging insults at the two other board members (along with her cheering squad). If Ms. Campbell truly had the best interest of the voters of Watauga County at heart, she would have employed a sensible approach of cooperation and diplomacy in which she possibly could have negotiated compromise regarding the proposed changes. Despite any alleged misconduct on the part of the other two board members prior to the meeting taking a higher road of reason and fairness would have been a credit to Ms. Campbell. Instead she chose to be petty and vindictive, ultimately accomplishing nothing except to cause more division, alienate herself from her co-boardmembers and destroy any hope of having an election board that could possibly work together for the benefit of all Watauga County citizens. So … Good job Ms. Campbell and cohorts you were successful in what you set out to do. Too bad for “we the people”. 

Lynn Campbell
Boone, NC