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LETTERS / High Impact Land Usage

Dear Editor,

A historian wrote this about the people of Nevada that were downwind of the atmospheric nuclear bomb testing in the 1950’s.

“Their faith and trust in their government would not allow them to even consider the possibility that the government would ever endanger their health.”

Declassified documents show our government knew in 1947 that fission products released by atomic bombs could be deadly to humans and animals exposed during and after tests.  

Air is a conductor of pollution. Our local government has issued a HILU that along with an air quality permit allows an asphalt plant to legally release  toxic chemicals into our beloved Watauga County. All of us will be downwind of this plant depending which way the wind  blows.     

The Henions and individual citizens have been raising funds for the last two years based on solid legal advice to continue with the appeal process. There were some questionable decisions made that dealt with the letter of the law. It is up to our judges to see that the letter of the law is followed. Due to the legal nature of this matter, our county commissioners need to represent its citizens with the appeal as it progresses through the judiciary system. Show your support by contacting our county commissioners. Watauga citizens care.

Appreciation goes to everyone who has given of their time, energy, and support during this long process. The continued support of individuals for the appeal is greatly appreciated. Contributions may be made at GoFundMe.com/stopdeepgapasphalt   

God expects everyone to be a good steward of the land.  

Laura Clemens
Watauga County