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LETTERS / High Country Locals’ Fall Color Day is Thursday, Oct. 12

Dear Editor,

About this time of year folks off the mountain ask how we locals are enjoying the colors of fall leaf season. They remind us how lucky we are to live and work surrounded by such spectacle. We are indeed fortunate, and we do appreciate all of the natural beauty of the High Country. Still, it’s all too easy for us to become distracted and desensitized.

We live here. We’re on the run. We have our day to day obligations, and for many of us that includes preparing for and engaging those who descend upon the area to enjoy those very vibrant leaves. Whether we work at a restaurant, motel, or attraction, or simply have to sit in some extra traffic, the whole of leaf season affects us all. October is a time to be on call and work hard. We’ll take a breather in November sometime.

Locals do have one day in October to take a “half-breather”, though, and this year it falls on Oct. 12. This is the Thursday of Appalachian State’s Fall Break. Why this day? The Thursday of Fall Break is the only day in the month when the students have left, but the tourists have yet to arrive in full force, which of course occurs on Fridays. The High Country isn’t vacant on this Thursday, but it’s a little less hectic, especially in Boone.

We love Appalachian State. We love our out-of-town visitors. We love October. I simply wish to bring attention to this “locals’ leaf day,” because I’m not sure if too many of us recognize the opportunity it brings.

I encourage locals to take an extra hour off on October 12th, break the October trance, and truly ingest and absorb some fall color. Visit an overlook on the Parkway. Take a long, good look at your own backyard. If you want to take it a step further, go out for dinner that night. You may not have to wait long for a table. Enjoy!

Crae Morton
Past-President of Grandfather Mountain, owner of Boone Coin & SilverWorks.