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LETTERS / Heroes Among Us

Heroes Among Us

Dear Editor, 

Throughout America’s history, ordinary men and women have donned America’s uniform and offered themselves as a line of defense against tyranny, evil and oppression in this world.

Veterans Day belongs to these men and women.

Through their honor, courage and commitment to our freedoms and our republic they have earned us the renown as the last best hope of earth.

Whether in peacetime or in crisis, liberty requires constant defense. And regardless of the potential cost, be it lost time with family or even the last full measure of one’s devotion, Americans continue to answer freedom’s call. They enlist; they commission; they volunteer to be our protectors. We must never forget the weight or consequence of those decisions. We must never forget the good they have accomplished through their sacrifice.

Appreciation is also due to the families who support our troops, past and present. There are brave spouses in every community who serve as anchors for their households while their loved ones are away, often for months at a time. There are grandparents who help share the responsibilities of raising children so military moms and dads can fulfill their duties with peace of mind. So, too, are there spouses, children, and neighbors who tend to the needs of our aging veterans, to ensure our nation fulfills its promises to them.

For them, every day is Veterans Day.

On this November 11th, our thoughts and prayers will also remain with the men and women deployed throughout the world in service to our Constitution and in pursuit of greater peace. We think of them and celebrate that our country is one set apart from the rest by the heart of our warriors and the resolve of our people for victory.

America’s airmen, soldiers, coastguardsmen, sailors, and marines are heroes among us. In their honor, and in gratitude for their selfless intrepidity on this Veterans Day and throughout our history, our nation offers its humble thanks. 


U.S. Rep. Virginia Foxx