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LETTERS / Harm to Water Quality in State Budget

Dear Representative Jordan,

Since our district had no State Senator in the discussion on this issue, it’s especially important that you represent us in this new budget.

North Carolina has historically followed science and adopted setbacks and buffer zones to protect our water supply.  Section 14.13 in the Senate version of HB1030, 2016 Appropriations Act allows further delay of implementing the Jordan and Falls Lake cleanup rules.  This provision attacks North Carolina’s nutrient management strategies, strategies designed to restore water quality and prevent massive fish kills in the Neuse River Basin, Tar-Pamlico Basin, Randleman Lake Water Supply Watershed, Catawba River Basin, part of the Goose Creek Watershed, Jordan Lake, and Falls Lake.

Our water quality must be protected and maintained.  What has happened with coal ash spills in this state brings home the need to remain vigilant.  In light of increased pressure on our water resources, we need to maintain the integrity of our watershed.

Please explain its importance to your colleagues and vote to remove Section 14.13 from HB1030 to ensure our continued access to clean and safe water.


Janet Palmer

Boone, NC